British Troops go to Iraq

Current Event By:Alistair Fleming

The Troops

Hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq within next year. They are headed there to train Iraqis and Kurdish forces. While the British forces have sent multinational airstrikes against ISIS sending troops in to train Iraqis and Kurds adds to their involvement. Obama is planning to send in an additional 1,500 troops to help.

The Effect

This will affect the lives of many people such as the Iraqis, Kurds and ISIS as much as themselves. This could also help the US and other places end ISIS. They have already shot down an Iraqi helicopter.
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I personally feel that this is bad for ISIS although many more people could get hurt if they are sent to fight. This may also cause ISIS to go after the UK more because they are training troops to fight against them. i looked up acts of ISIS and found that they threw a man of a roof for being gay.