New River Basin Smore

By: Savannah, Corey, Ricardo


  River Basin- Drainage area of a river   Watershed- all the land drained by a river, stream, or lake    Aquifer- a porous rock lair underground that is a reservoirfor water     Ecological footprint- the amount of land and water needed to support one's lifestyle using current technology


The New river basin is 752 square miles wide    Is part of the Mississippi river basin       Is in North Carolina       


  In 1998 president Clinton visited and named the New River an Amercan Heritage River    In the early 1970's residents came together to prevent dams from being built on the New   The river now flows freely

Geography/Bogs/ flora/ fauna

  The New River Basin- home to many mountain bogs-lush, mossy-green, fern-filled and grassy habitats that require abundant soil moisture          Ruggid terrain and mountains and hills       "Brookies" (trouts)- abundant only in clean, oxygen-rich waters at or above 3,000 ft. and cooler than 68 degrees F.        Streches from northeastern Watauga County to central Ashe County            Three small fish- Kanawha minnow, sharpnose darter, and Kanawha darter only live in the New River      There are Riparian forests for shade and oxygen


This is when someone takes care of any one environment. They do things like collect the trash off the ground, and help hurt or injured animals.