By: Alyssa C.

The Egyptian flag

RED-represents the struggle against the British occupation of Egypt(the period before 1954) WHITE-symbolizes the advent of the 1952 Revolution which ended the monarchy without bloodshed. BLACK-stands for the end of the oppression of the people of Egypt at the hands of the Monarch and British colonialism (the period after 1952). EAGLE OF SALADIN-represents power and strength.


It is hot in Egypt and sometimes it rains and snows. It can have all sorts of weather in Egypt. I really am surprised that it snows in Egypt. I never would have known.

Egyptian Currency

This is a picture of a $25 bill. Or shall I say a twenty five pounds. I say this because in Egypt, money is called pounds. The Egyptian pound is the currency.

language of Arabic

how are you doing=كيف حالك hi=مرحبا are you okay=هل أنت بخير what are you doing=ماذا تفعل !!!!!!! bye= الى اللقاء
Snow in Egypt for first time in a 100 years Video


Snow for the very first time in Egypt in 100 YEARS!!!!!!!Wow!!


Like us, Egypt has high school,college,elementary school,preschool,and middle school. They have home schooling for preschool in Egypt.
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