Mrs. Fleming's Class

About Our Class

Welcome to our class, where

Faith in ourselves and other leads to success

Learning takes place in many different forms,

Everyone matters,

Meaningful experiences make learning fun,

Interest and inquiry are the first steps to learning,

Ninety-nine percent effort is not enough, &

Goal-setting means goal-reaching

About Mrs. Fleming

Hello, my name is Renee Fleming, and I am so glad to be your child's second grade teacher. I graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC in 1999 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and from Walden University in 2011 with a Master's of Science degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. This is my seventh year at Gateway, but 16th year of teaching. My previous experience includes five years in third grade, four years in fourth grade, and one year as the school-wide math teacher. I am one of two teachers at Gateway who have earned my National Board Certification as a middle childhood generalist teacher.

I love teaching, and I try to make learning as relevant and as fun as possible. I want my students to understand the material-- not just memorize. I believe that students learn at different rates and different levels, and I try to provide instruction to reach every child and help him/her feel successful.

I live in here in Travelers Rest with my husband Mark and our three daughters. Emily is almost fourteen and is in eighth grade. Leah is almost twelve and is in sixth grade, and Madison is almost nine and in third grade. Mr. Fleming is the pastor of Abundant Grace Church of God in Greenville and a substitute currently working on his masters in elementary education. We moved to the Greenville area about eight years ago to pastor. Our families live in Clover, SC and Dallas, NC -- both near Charlotte. In my free time, I love spending time on the beach and scrap booking.

Our Agreement


As the second grade TEACHER, I pledge to do the following things to make this year successful:

· teach the 2nd grade SC standards in each area

· expect good behavior

· make learning as fun as possible

· give choices when possible

· notify students and parents of major tests at least a week in advance

· give feedback on tests and quizzes in a timely manner

· be fair and consistent

· model and encourage respect

· protect the learning rights of students by not allowing students to disrupt class

· have high, yet reasonable, expectations

· have fun


As the second grade, PARENT, I pledge to do the following things to make this year successful:

· encourage and expect good behavior of my child

· make sure my child has necessary school supplies

· look at the communication notebook and read newsletters on a regular basis

· make sure my child completes his/her homework each night, yet help only when necessary

· read to and with my child on a regular basis

· sign and return papers

· encourage good study habits

· model and encourage respect

· keep an open mind


As the second grade STUDENT, I pledge to do the following things to make this year successful:

· have good behavior

· respect my teacher and classmates

· have my necessary supplies

· complete my homework

· study for tests

· show my parents important papers that need to be signed and returned

· do my BEST work in class and at home

How To Help My Child Be More Successful

How can I help my child be successful in Second Grade?

  • Read to him/her or make sure he reads everyday. This can be any type of literature – books, magazines, newspapers, comics, recipes, etc.
  • Make sure your child has his necessary materials each day.
  • Look at and initial your child’s newsletter EVERYDAY. This is your communication tool with your child’s teacher.
  • Expect good behavior.
  • Make sure your child completes his/her homework everyday. Set aside a specific time and place for homework.
  • Look through your child’s school work and discuss it with him. Perhaps you and your child can make a scrapbook at home with samples of his best work.
  • Ask “how and why” questions that require more in-depth explanations.
  • Give help on homework only when it is needed. You will be surprised how much your child can do on his/her own.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your child turn in homework that is not perfect, yet insect that he/she does his best work.
  • Have your child explain the processes in math problems, using different numbers. If he/she can explain how to do it, they KNOW it!
  • Make learning a priority. If school is important to you, it will be important to them.
  • ü Keep a positive attitude! Realize there are different approaches for teaching skills and that students are learning things in earlier grades than what you might be use to.

How To Help My Child Get Homework Done the Painless Way

When homework is given, it is to practice or extend what we have learned in class. Homework is never given as busywork. Homework is often checked the next day so students have an opportunity to fix and learn from any mistakes. It is a time for students to learn responsibility and feel proud of their accomplishments.

  • Have an assigned place where your child can work. Some work best in a quiet room. Others may need to sit at the table while you cook. No one can do their best in front of the television.
  • Have necessary materials for your child. If you need help with this, please let your child’s teacher know.
  • Help only when help is needed. Remember that homework is an EXTENSION of what was done in class. A little frustration builds character, especially when a problem is solved alone.
  • Help by reviewing after an assignment is completed or when your child is REALLY stuck. Let him do as much on his own as he can. You will be surprised.
  • Help, but do not do the homework. Help may include giving examples, explaining directions, and giving words of encouragement or pats on the back. Help should be about five minutes or less—any longer and it becomes YOUR homework.
  • Set a time limit of when homework should be completed. This deadline should be consistent. Homework should NOT take “all night.”
  • Be sure your child gets his homework into their notebook/book bag as soon as the work is finished. Students that wait until later to put it up often get to school without it the next day.

Second Grade Is Just the Place For You

Second Grade Is Just the Place For You

Oh, yes it’s true.

Second grade is just the place for you.

It’s now your turn-

For there is so much to do and learn.

And though you may be nervous today,

You will go a long way.

Your journey starts now,

You special guy or gal.

Oh, yes it’s true.

Second grade is just the place for you.

You’ll read books galore

And go to places you’ve never been before.

You’ll add and subtract like a pro.

Your math skills will certainly grow.

We’ll study animals, magnets, and weather.

We will have so much fun learning together!

We will learn of heroes and folk tales.

Almost everyone’s favorite unit – it never fails.

Oh, yes it’s true.

Second grade is just the place for you.

You will make lots of new friends.

And by being a friend, everyone wins.

There’s a big field trip at the end of the year.

With so much fun, you will definitely want to be near.

But you will have to study. Yes it is true.

Or else you’ll be feeling blue.

Prepare for every test

So you can always do your best.

This time next year you will be so proud.

Your parents and teacher will be wowed!

Second grade will be a blast,

As time goes by-oh so fast.

It’s now your turn-

For there is so much to do and learn.

Oh, yes it’s true.

Second grade is just the place for you.

Written by Mrs. Fleming just for you


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