FES Weekly

Week of October 14, 2016

Wildcats: Together We Score!

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Emergency Quick Reference Guide

Be on the lookout for the Emergency Quick Reference Guide in your box next week. Please review and put it in your red folder.


DPs are due October 31st. Please make sure that you electronically sign it in focus.

Focus for October

During the month of October, I will focus on Domain 2 - Classroom Management. I will provide feedback in Baseline Edge.I will send an email to you once feedback has been completed in Baseline Edge. Please keep in mind that this is only formative. If you have any questions, please see me.

In addition, I will be making short visits to the classroom. After these visits, I will leave a note for you on your desk.

First Year Teachers and Teachers New to Walton County

Please see me to schedule the mid year observation.

Letter about TNTP Visit

Hi team,

Walton County Schools has recently partnered with TNTP, a national nonprofit organization that was founded by teachers, to learn more about our district’s progress supporting teachers to implement the Florida Standards. As part of that work, a small team from TNTP and the district will be joining us on Wednesday, October 26. The purpose of the visit, and the project broadly, is to help district leadership better understand how policies and practices are playing out in schools and classrooms, so they can continue to improve the support they provide teachers and principals. This project is meant to gather and share information and is in no way punitive or evaluative. Similarly, all findings and data collected will only be shared in the aggregate and will not identify any specific teachers or classrooms.

School Visit

A team of instructional experts from TNTP, former teachers themselves, will spend a half day at our school on Wednesday, 10/26 with district leadership staff. The team will split into smaller groups, and each group will visit 4-5 classrooms for brief 20 minute observations and collect student work samples from classrooms they visit. Teachers chosen for an observation will be notified beforehand. Prior to the visit, please select a single completed class set of student assignments from a recent lesson to be shared with the team. You can leave your class’ completed work in a folder in your classroom. The team will select a random sample of student work from the folder and photograph it, obscuring your students’ names to protect their anonymity.

Sarah Chisholm [sarah.chisholm@tntp.org], part of the team from TNTP, will be reaching out to you with more details before the visit. Please let either of us know if you have any questions about the visit. I appreciate your participation!

Best and Brightest

See me if you are applying.

Lesson Plan Training

Nathan will be here during the grade level planning times on Thursday. I will send out a schedule for everyone. K, ESE, Pre-K will be after school.


Please do not share your password with anyone.


Thursday, Oct. 20th, 7pm

555 Walton Road

DeFuniak Springs, FL

3rd and 4th Grade Awards

Friday, Oct. 21st, 8:15am

15381 U.S. 331 Bus

Freeport, FL

3rd Grade UDL

Monday, Oct. 24th, 8am-3pm

555 Walton Road

DeFuniak Springs, FL

Please turn in your TDE form.

4th Grade UDL

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 8am-3pm

555 Walton Road

DeFuniak Springs, FL

Please turn in your TDE form.