Summer Is Coming...

Are You Ready? Let's Do This!!

Hello from Kimball, Michigan!!

I am checking in with you from Kimball, Michigan to let you all know Le-Vel has launched an amazing deal that ends June 2nd!

What I Can Be My Own Boss

When you join my team you will get 3 Months of Thrive for $200!!! That's right $450 of Thrive for ONLY $200!!!

Not only that, you will be qualified to earn a BONUS that pays back up to $2170 in just two weeks from ordering!! Just simply share this product with eight of your friends or family members that are looking for a Lifestyle Change!

How do you do this you want to know. Are you ready to have your mind blown away by the simplicity?

How Do You Get $2170 in BONUSES....

Personal Investment - $400

Instant Product Credit + $50

Cash Back on the 7th of June + $150


Total Investment = $200

Next up 14 days to earn MORE!!!

4 Customers

*Commissions + $60

*Referral Credit +$150

4 Business Partners

($400 packages)

*Fast Start Bonuses +960


Cash Bonus $800

Le-Vel Product Credit $200

Total Profit $2170!!!!

You will have me there to guide you every step of the way! Message me ASAP and let's get you started on this journey with me!!

To Your Health & Future


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