Oscar Arias Sanchez


Early life and work

Oscar Arias was a coffee grower and he was born in 1941. Oscar went the university of Costa Rica to study law and economics then when he was attending to school he became dedicated to national politics and then he was a member of NLP (National Liberation Party). Oscar Arias went to london again to study economics and graduated from london.

Winning the NPP
Oscar Arias was president of Costa Rica in 1986 to 1990 and from 2006 to 2010. Oscar Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 by ending Central American crisis and for his country. He wanted to end the cruel wars in central america. In august 1987 the peace plan was approved by Guatemala, El salvador,Honduras and Nicaragua.

Impact on the world

The impact was that he did peace for central america and there is an organization that is still going on in costa rica and its a peace organization.


In conclusion Oscar Arias tried his best by doing peace but there is peace but we need more peace a little bit of respect,we need to do better.