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My name is Jolene Ceravalo. I am the founder and director of Shannon Tobias Memorial Christian Lending Library. We opened our doors in July, 2010, in Waynesboro, PA. Since that day, we have relocated to Farmington, Minnesota, and added hundreds of books to our collection. Currently, we have over 2,115 titles available for checkout. We have a large variety of titles, including Christian fiction, non-fiction, books for teens, and an ever-growing collection of juvenile books. It is our joy to share these books with others in our community. You are welcome to visit us by signing up for an appointment time through our website. We hope to expand our services in a number of ways over the next few months. I will share those ideas with you later on or in another edition. We are a hidden treasure! For more information about who we are and what we offer, please visit us at our website or on Facebook. Feel free to contact us with questions through our Facebook page or at

Teen Corner

Sasha recommends...

Title: Secret in the Willows

Author: Beverly Lewis

Location: YA fiction

Rating: 4.5 stars

You should read this book because...

It's cool. If you like realistic fiction with a bit of romance, I recommend this. Be sure to read the first book, Whispers Down the Lane! And after reading that and Secret in the Willows, you'll likely want more...

My favorite part of the story is...

when Merry's being herself. I can relate to her, and I like reading parts where she's acting like I would.

Recent additions to our collection include: The Uses of Grammar; The Christian Imagination; The New Weather Book; Noah: The Rescue Plan; The Boy Who Invented TV; Life in the Great Ice Age; Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book 4; Christian Liberty Nature Reader, Book 5; The Courage and Character of Theodore Roosevelt; 100 Best-Loved Poems; The Reader's Odyssey; and much more!

Tween Corner

Hope recommends...

Title: The Green Ember

Author: S. D. Smith

Illustrator: Zach Franzen

Location: juvenile fiction

Rating: 5 stars

You should read this book because...

It's full of courage and bravery, hilarity and wisdom, unexpected twists and turns, and is an overall epic story!

My favorite part of the story is... {Spoiler Alert!}

when Picket saves Smalls. It is so cool that Picket killed Redeye Garlackson!

Savvy Speakers Kickoff Event

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, we held our first Savvy Speakers event. My cousin, Faith Worley, came up from Iowa to share with us Boundaries Basics. There were four ladies in attendance. It was a great, informative, helpful class, and we are looking forward to hosting many more Savvy Speakers events. Please watch for updates and upcoming events!

Homeschoolers Library Time

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 9:45am-12:15pm

Shannon Tobias Memorial Christian Lending Library

During this time slot, once a month, the library will be open and available for homeschoolers. You will be able to register for library cards and check out books. If there is interest, we may also have games available to play or some other activity. We will see how much interest there is for that sort of thing. Please sign up for this event through our website at:

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Fall Fest

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 1:30-4:30pm

Shannon Tobias Memorial Christian Lending Library

Join us for a fun, family-friendly Fall Fest! There will be games, food, and a sale. The library will be open. Come out and sign up for a library card and check out some books. Watch our Facebook page or website for more details.

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Women's Corner

From Jolene...

2022 Book Log #58

Title: Hold On Tight

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

Location: YA fiction

Finished: September 4, 2022

Rating: 4 stars


This story was another one full of lessons and growth for Sierra. From Warner to Amy to college decisions to so many other things, Sierra opened here eyes and saw things. She grew up a little more but still longed for the simpler days and times of being a youngster in her parents' home. Even at 42, with a husband and 4 living children, I can relate to the longing for younger days and the fears of grown-up days. Good book!

Similar books...

The Christy Miller Series, the Katie Weldon Series, Christy and Todd: The College Years, and more.

Men's Corner

From Tony...

Book Log #21

Title: The Senior

Author: Mike Flynt & Don Yaeger

Genre: biography

Finished: August 20, 2022

Rating: 3 stars


Mike Flynt got kicked out of his college at Sul Ross before he could finish his senior year and play his last year of college football. Along the way, he learns the error of his way, comes to know Christ as his savior, and then, 37 years later, gets to play his final season of football.

Favorite quote...

"Mike, we were going to carry you off the field, but we're just too dang old."

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