Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Created by Hazel Blythe

Have you ever wondered what a real volcano looks like? Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has two! Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an amazing place that everyone should have a chance to see.

Info for Tourists

There is a lot of information visitors should know if they plan to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In the park, there are two volcanoes. Tourists can visit both volcanoes, but only sometimes when they’re active. The park is on Hawaii Island. About two point five million people visit per year, and tourists can help raise that number if they come. It is very easy to come see the amazing wonder of Hawaii National Park and maybe even bring some friends too.

Nature and History

The climate is very unpredictable In Hawaii, so any visitors should come prepared to face anything. One of the main reasons why so many people come to see the park is because Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and it’s amazing. Lorrin Thurston, the one who discovered the park, is the one to thank for this amazing place coming to life. It is his domain. The place was actually made into a park on August 1, 1916. There are two volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea, but Kilauea is the main one. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an amazing place.

Fun Facts

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has lots of interesting and fun facts to impress your friends with. There are 505 square miles in the park (or 1,308 km.) The latest recorded eruption in the park was the eruption of Kilauea. Both of the volcanoes are on Hawaii Island and they are 40 kilograms apart from each other. The park is the home of many animals, including the native Thrush, Monarch, and some endangered sea turtles. When you come and this amazing park, visitors can see lava as red as Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Everyone should get to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National park at least once in their life,its a beautiful place.

Why Kilauea Is So Active

By Hazel Blythe

There once was a volcano called Kilauea, it was one of the worlds most active volcanoes. This volcano was home was to a little baby dragon that lived inside the volcano. The baby dragon lived all alone because it ran away from its mother. Since the baby dragon was inside the volcano, whenever it released fire, it came out the volcano. One day, the baby dragon got sick. The dragon kept sneezing out fire out the volcano. The dragon lived by itself so it didn’t know how to treat a cold. Since it didn’t know how to treat a cold, it stayed sick. Ever since, whenever the dragon sneezes, lava comes out of the volcano. The dragon learned to never abandon something you might need later in life.