Billet Hockey

By: Griffin Sugasawara

What Is Billet In Hockey

When you billet you move away from your home and move in with a family who volunteers to take care of you so you can play hockey in the most elite way. They are considered billet parents.

The Point

Many, if not all athletes want to be the people young kids look up to and want to be. Moving to play hockey for the best of the best can help you get to your goal. You become a role model when you're one of the best.


Since you move away, those childhood memories can no longer be made. Of course you can still contact them. You live people your parents barely know.


So many hockey players that have billeted said they, "Never regret it and even though they left their family they got to make new friends." Many of them still see their family in the end. Those that don't make it claim to have not been seen by college scouts or any pro scouts.

A Chance

Every player deserves a chance on the ice. To be on the ice with the pros. Listening to the bodies getting hit and the horn sounding for the goals. The look of happiness on your teammates after a win is golden. Shoot for gold.