Grant Family Focus

Monday, October 19th

Spotlight Update

Last week we shared the Spotlight Grant article. This week we learned that State Superintendent Tony Evers would like to arrange to visit Grant School as part of the Spotlight program! Another way to honor your hard work.

As we begin to set up our Spotlight visits, keep in mind these are the two practices we are "Spotlighting" for our visits: (Thank you Chris Steinpreis for all of your hard work!)

  • Grant School Spotlight: Teaching & Learning: Grant Elementary School has been recognized by the state of Wisconsin for implementation of best practices in academic intervention. Visitors will have the opportunity to observe several best practices in Response to Intervention (RtI). This will include observation of the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) workshop model during classroom literacy blocks across several grade levels, as well as observation of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 instruction.
  • Grant School Spotlight: Vision, Values, Culture & School Climate: Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe our school culture, specifically our focus on Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)/Character Education. The school counselor and a representative from our school’s PBIS committee will give visitors background on our school’s efforts to integrate PBIS, Character Education and academics into a seamless school-wide culture.

Wednesday Grade Level Meetings

Wednesday's district meeting has been designated a building date. Teachers will meet in the IMC at 2:15.

2:15-3:00 Formative Assessment Exploration

3:00-4:15- Time for ELA, Math discussions, SLO's or other- based on what your team needs.

Please read the article, All About Assessment (click below or open the attached pdf in this email) prior to Wednesday.

Fall Harvest Night

Thank you to everyone who made the Fall Harvest Night a success. We had, what I thought, was a great turnout. The really cool part for me was the amount of parents who I was able to talk with and have them tell me how much they and their children love Grant School. That positive image comes from the daily interactions and positive relationships each one of you builds with our families. Thank you for doing the positive things you do each day.

Field Trip Volunteers

In the event we have parent volunteers joining a field trip. We must make sure they fill out a district field trip volunteer form and turn it in to the office.

This was just shared with me at Thursday principal meeting, so if we did not obtain this in the past and parents have questions, feel free to direct them to me. This form will have us do a background check, so we would need lead time for parents fill it out. Let me know if we have any questions.

Honoring School Wide Times

Please try your best to honor the school wide times for student transitions. If they arrive early or late or are picked up late or early, it can impact students and staff in other designated time slots. If there is a time conflict please communicate to others so they can prepare. If am also willing to help out if you need me to!

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, October 21
  • Formative Assessment and Building Team Meeting
Thursday, October 22
  • SLO Coach Jenny Burhop will be here. No formal team time. You may use your time to meet with Jenny.
Wednesday, October 28
  • PBIS Committee 2:15-3:15/ Academic Committee Prep
  • Academic Committee 3:15-4:15/ PBIS Committee Prep
  • (We will switch next month with Academic first; PBIS second)
Thursday, October 29
  • 9:00-1:00 Kathy Lyngaas and DPI will visit as part of Spotlight Grant
Friday, October 30
  • No School (but building will be open/ hours TBD)
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