Schools Shouldn't Require Uniforms

By: Madelyn Deal


Schools shouldn't require uniforms in school, they shouldn't assign everyone outfits created by the school.


Obviously, a lot of kids will fight against this, and there's a reason. Uniforms cost so much money to produce, and for what? Kids will want to rebel, they'll want to express themselves in a way, and who likes washing a uniform everyday? It doesn't improve academics, and it doesn't improve behavior.


#1: It has almost doubled in the past 10 years, and coincidentally academic scores have been going down.

#2: Behavior is not as good, considering people aren't able to express themselves and they can't act like normal.

#3: We already have a strict dress code rule at 56% of schools in the USA, they can't keep controlling what we wear. Just because they can't control themselves over what we wear or how we express ourselves, it isn't their problem, it's our life.