Fraser Gold Rush, 1855


A bit about the "Fraser Gold Rush"

It began in 1855 after gold was discovered on the Thompson River. There was great conflict because people like are well... greedy.

Who was affected?

Well the gold miners definitely found there jackpot. Actually not just yet, since there are way too many people panning and panning for gold some may not get a chance. During the gold mine the price for gold went down because there is more supply. Now more people are buying gold for the cheapness the seller is booming with business.

Is there any gold left for me?

Actually yes, In the river you can go gold panning and will still manage to pan up tiny tiny little specks of gold. It may not be worth much to a gold miner but it sure means a lot to me!

Related Conflict

Fall of 1858 tension started to uprise between the miners and the Fist Nations living in the heart of the canyon which this led to the Fraser Canyon War. So to prevent danger the miners started using the lakes route.

"During the gold rush several prospectors from California flooded the newly declared Colony of British Columbia and disrupted the established balance between the Hudson's Bay Company's for fur traders and in indigenous peoples"

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In the Fraser Gold Rush people were going crazy for gold and there was so much supply so all the prices went down by a lot. The Fraser gold rush didn't last for such a long time only from 1858-1860. Well, now we know people are so eager and so greedy they don't care about other people and they want the money so bad and want to get rich.

A Bit About British Columbia

British Columbia's capitol is Victoria and its largest city is Vancouver. "British Columbia has a resource dominated economy, centred on the forestry industry but also increase with importance in mining"

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Fraser Gold Rush is most significant because I feel like it effects more of the people like the miners and also the first nations. Other significant events are the First Canadian Railway, Cholera Outbreak, and the Great Migration.
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