How terroism affected Jews & French

Jasmine G, Mitch J, Luan M, and Clay K

Research queston

Why did Germany torture and kill the Jews during the Holocaust ?

Conflict in Novel

The Germans were blaming the Jews for their problems, so they attempted to gain control and started torture camps for it.

The problem presented in real life

The holocaust was when Germany invaded Poland and killed or captured millions of Jews. They did those things to Jews because they thought they were a threat to Germany. The Holocaust was Hitler's plan to eliminate all Jews. This is significant because it killed thousand of people because of racism and how hatred can become a obsession

Solution to problem presented in real life

September 1923 Germany came up with a plan to solve their problems his plan was to rebuild but during their plan making America called Charles Daves help set a new system for Germany

In November 1923 Germany introduced a new currency then America band huge amounts of money to help their economy which ended up improving and called it the " Golden Years"

Simular modern day Problem

Our similar Modern day problem is the Paris Refugee problem This was our chosen similar problem because just like the French the Jews were forced to move from their home because of people believing they can steal their city's/country's

What is beling done about the simular problem

More then Half of America's governors have voting Syrian refugees into their states ted opposition to letting them into our country.