Basketball becoming popular

Eagle blue

tradition leaving town and basketball teams are getting better

The town of Fort Yukon is a town which is big in basketball ever since the sport came to the town in the 70's. They have been losing a lot until now in 2004-2005 when they started wining. Just like when they're coach said in the locker room "I see the talent in you guys but to be honest every team out there thinks they can beat you because they have beaten Fort Yukon for a long time." (p. 93). The second theme was that tradition was leaving the town and ever since the 70's when basketball came to town the tradition they have had for thousands of years has slowly been disappearing and some people have abandoned it altogether. The airport guy had to say, "I have seen this town when it had all its tradition and pride but now now there is nothing so little tradition that the kids think they can do whatever they want." (p. 127). That just shows that the tradition is leaving the town and may never go back.

First they show a team that is okay and might do good then the coach makes them really good and the book is also about tradition leaving the town.

Winning and the coach

The events in this book started with team practicing every day and getting better. Then they start playing the season and are doing really good. They even win a tournament. They eventually go off into the playoffs and win. They are a pretty good team but the only problem is that after the season all they do for the rest of their lives is just sit at home and do village things like chopping wood and hunting. The main character of the book would probably be the coach because they follow him a lot and put it in his point of view a lot to. He is a nice guy and isn't native to the village so he is sort of a outsider but still is well liked in the village. He is convinced throughout the book that he can make his team win a lot and he does they almost won every single game.

Michael D'Orso

The author was born in Norfolk, Virginia and grew up living on various naval bases because his father was a naval officer. He usually writes about social injustice which he did in eagle blue because they have to adapt to the modern world from there tradition based life. He is still writing books and came out with one in 2011. The book received these awards:

It has received a lot of awards because it is a good book and is in my opinion something everybody should read.