family is an important thing

why family is important

family is important because they help you whenever you are in trouble and help you get through it they will stick together to the very end with you no matter what

family love

family loves one another all the time and they will never stop loving each other

family Quote 1

You don't choose your, family.They are god's gifts to you, as you are to them

Family quote 2

family isn't whose blood you carry but who you love and who loves you back

family quote 3

other things may change,but we start and end with family

Thematic Statement

family members will fight withe each other once and awhile but in the end of the fight or argument we will still love each other all ways

Connection Paragraph

brothers and sisters fight uncles and aunts fight cousins fight but we all know that deep inside we all love each other very much. everything we say to each other we don't really mean it and deep down we all know it. family fight all the time but its not forever we will never admit it we will only say to them that we love them and never hate.