Remember Me? Map-Works

Why Taking the Map-Works Benefits You!

Need to Know

If you do not know or remember what the Map-Works Survey is, it is a short survey that we at UW Oshkosh use to see how student's college careers are panning out as a whole.

Any student who has been enrolled @ UWO for at least a semester has probably come in contact with Map-Works in some way.

Most of you are probably wondering, how does the Map-Works Survey benefit me?

  • Offers you an opportunity to reflect on your experience at UWO thus far
  • Helps you to see what you need to improve upon and write new goals
  • Strives to keep you and future students on track and finishing school

The Map-Works Survey is only a 10 minutes task that benefits you and UWO.

Click the link below to begin your survey -