Deja Vu

By Alexandra Berendt

what is Deja Vu?

a feeling of being in present situation.
i choose this topic because i feel like it happens to me a lot and i will tell my mom and she tells me it runs in the family, but i don't believe her.

what happens in the brain?

Both the Perirhinal cortex and the Parahippocampal cortex send signals to the Hippocampus area giving reflection of the memory even if being your first time seeing the object, place or person.

Celebrity Experiment

people were given a list of celebrity names, then shown photographs that either related to the name or didn't. they were told to identify which celebrities where in the photos. which they seemed they couldn't identify, but they knew what names they had studied and which ones the hadn't.

interesting facts

1. its a french pronunciation.
2. Émile Boiraccame up with the term.
3. Deja vu has increased in the last two years.
4. usually comes in a form of a dream.