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September 18, 2020

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Dear Riebli Families,

Students, parents, grandparents, neighbors, school staff and teachers are all working so hard and accomplishing amazing things. As each day seems to bring new surprises, moments of happiness and unsuspecting challenges, know that it’s normal to feel raw and vulnerable every step of the way. Remember, we are the first humans to ever attempt this Distance Learning thing!

Here are a few considerations for you to think about:

Re-examine your morning routine. Are your mornings rushed? Does breakfast get skipped a little too often? Find the right balance and maybe consider setting alarms on the iPads for Zoom times, breaks, work blocks etc.

Have your child wear headphones to limit distractions. We have some on site if you would like to borrow a pair or two.

Take breaks, recesses, and time away from screens!

Resist the comparison game. Yes, we all have friends doing Distance Learning in other schools, districts, and states. Feel confident in our learning model, in the instruction your children are receiving at Riebli, and remember that a huge group of very educated and talented teachers designed our Distance Learning experience with intentionality and excellence in mind. Some might say, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Lean on each other. Our amazing PTA is working hard to set up more opportunities to connect and support one another. In the meantime, encourage study buddies by phone, zoom, or over the fence. Laugh and let go of the little things. Make sure your children are not isolated. They need a circle. If you’ve let this slip off your radar, it’s okay. You can fix it.

Ask for help. Your child’s teacher wants your child to be successful. On a normal day, they would be assessing, adjusting, encouraging and modifying from the first bell to the last bell. Lots of informal discussions, tweaks and communication would be happening in the hallways before and after school. Use office hours to check in, ask for help or get clarification; we are all here to support.

Choose your battles. That’s all. Just choose them. Your goal is to come out of Distance Learning with a stronger connection to your child, not a strained one. If you’re worried about the negative effects DL might be having on your relationship, it’s time to change it up.

Be kind. Distance learning will never replace the magic that happens in physical classrooms but through this experience we are learning, becoming stronger and finding resilience. Be kind and allow yourself, your children and their teachers grace, empathy, time and space to figure things out.

With gratitude, well wishes and hopeful hugs,


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A message for our community

Hello Riebli families,

At Riebli we want to say thank you to our wonderful community.

Each week we will pick a new local business to show our support during this time.

Please share the posts and if you can visit these locations, take a picture and post on your social media with #Riebliappreciatesyou let’s give back to those who have always given to us!

This week (9/21-9/27) we appreciate Molsberry Market.

Thank you,

The Riebli kindness squad

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October 2 is a non-instruction day

Friday, October 2, is a non-instructional day for scheduled parent conferences. Because we are in the Distant Learning model, and teachers have been holding office hours and conferences throughout the trimester, the 10/2 conferences will be scheduled by the teacher on an as needed basis only. You will be notified by your child’s teacher if a conference is scheduled. If you have any concerns, please take advantage of your child’s teacher’s office hours.

During this week, there will instruction, by your teacher, Monday-Thursday. The Wednesday will be a instructional day with your teacher, not a Warne Wednesday.

Watch our Virtual Friday Assembly

9-18-20 assembly

Have you heard the news???

We are starting to check out library books. Ms. Denise is so excited!!!

1. Check out our online Library catolog:

2. Once your student has chosen a book(s), go to and sign up to have the book checked out.

3. The book will be in your materials pick up on the next Wednesday you are assigned to pick up.


Yes! We are doing a yearbook this year. Order now and get 10% off.

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Music News

The Mark West District virtual music program will begin on Monday, September 14 for interested 4th-8th graders who have signed up for the program. If your child would like to participate and you have not yet signed him or her up for a music class, there is still a little time left! The sign-up form is available at Please submit this form ASAP if your child would like to participate - last date for late sign up is Friday, Sept. 18. For more information, the Info Packet can be found at, and you can see an introductory video from Mrs. Kaufman here: Also, we have a limited supply of instruments available for students to borrow, and there are only a few left! So don't wait!

Parents who have already signed up your child, please check your email. Mrs. Kaufman has already sent out class and important instrument borrowing information to you (if applicable). Don't see an email from Mrs. Kaufman? Check your spam folder and be sure to allow emails from Email will be Mrs. Kaufman's primary method of communication as she has over 100 music students so far.

TK-3rd grade students can look forward to music lesson videos and activities starting in the next week or so. Riebli 3rd graders will have the opportunity to learn the recorder via Zoom starting the week of Sept. 14! To purchase or to borrow a recorder (3rd grade ONLY), please fill out the following form ASAP: The original deadline was Sept. 4, so if you missed it, we may not be able to get the recorder out to you in time for the first class. But we will try to get it to you ASAP.

Intro to Mark West District Virtual Music Program
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