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Take a moment and try to imagine yourself

... as your local grocery store clerk or manager. (Safeway, Albertsons, New Seasons, Whole Foods, Thriftway, Krogers, __local name here___)

Keep in mind this is the store you grew up attending with your parents since you were 6 years old. You know the store in and out and you feel so comfortable in this environment that you build the skills to one day serve others in the same manner that you were accustomed to being served. Or the manner that worked best for you.

Now imagine that very grocery store and how it has done business for over 20 years suddenly changed over night.

The store experience now looks like this:

The customers expect to hand cut their produce directly from the plant in the produce section of the store. Canned goods fell out of the ceiling upon individual request. Meat/Fish products were live so the hunting, butchering, packaging and sanitation process was gamified like Suvivor, World of Warcraft, Minecraft. Bakery was a concoction of experiments mixing and matching chemical reactions with monitoring tools, machines and bacterias. Frozen foods were regulated differently based on the store you worked. They were ruled under one of the three following strategies: 1) unlocked for 24 hours a day opportunities to purchase, 2) intermittent locking mechanisms (right place at the right time), 3) Locked at all time with only a few people having the ability to unlock the wide array of resources fro consumption.

Your job expectation as the Store clerk/Manager naturally changes with the new store business model.

You must greet each customer at their car entering individual provisions/wants/needs into a mobile device "app" all the while suggesting new ingredients that might better their recipes and store experience. Upon conclusion of their 8 hour store experience you must also compile a meaningful data resource explaining if each customers goals were met.

Overall, the store you thought you were a professional and a customer in suddenly began to change.

The store experience suddenly was changed forever. The customer experience was not longer yours. The new tools in the industry revolutionized how the industry was delivered. Your 20 years worth experience with strategies, communication and tools might suddenly be obselete.

For some it would be a refreshing opportunity but for several people it would be a very challenging experience.

This is where we come in.

For many educators the future is refreshing and full of excitement. But what about the educators that are experiencing the new store?

Why fund an educator to attend integratED?

The integratED|Portland event is an opportunity for educators to think, explore, and develop strategies to enhance student achievement through the effective use of technology.

The subject is technology in the classroom, but the focus is on K-20 educators. IntegratED is specifically designed to be an active learning conference. Participants come away from integratED not with a high level overview, but specific strategies and increased opportunities for education-related connections. Whether you are a teacher looking to improve K-20 classroom instruction or an administrator looking to support technology in your school or district, you will come away from iPDX with solutions that can be implemented right away.

If you want to learn, question, create, and engage in meaningful, authentic professional development then our conference is the right opportunity for you!

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About Us

The Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) would like to invite your educators to attend our annual integratED conference held February 17-19, 2013 in Portland, Oregon.

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