April Ideas

Brainstorming for Success!!

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Chloe + Isabel Tip for Success!!

APRIL Brainstorm SESSION!!!!!! This is ME talking out-loud going over any and all ideas for April/May success!!!! No excuses!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

***April is the month to pop up and plan for MOTHER'S DAY, PROM, GRADUATIONS, TEACHER APPRECIATION!!! These 4 things I just mentioned are the money SHOT for you. They do not happen until MAY or June but by then it will be too late so plan NOW for all 4 of these options! Get creative, do your homework and make a plan! Some may slide until early May like prom and graduation BUT Mother's Day and Teacher Ap needs to happen NOW!!
***April was our BIGGEST month ever in history for our team. Make sure you are one of the merchies to capitalize on this BIG opportunity!! APRIL showers bring May flowers LITERALLY!!!
***Seek Spring vendor and shopping events and fairs
***Seek Spring fashion/makeover type events at local businesses OR partner with one to make it happen
***Great time to plan for Spring DROP AND GO raffles at local businesses.
***Host your own Spring pop up event and bring your network to YOU!!
***Time for SPRING CLEANING!!! Take a good look at your boutique, make sure it is refreshed and current. How about your pop up display?? Time for a spruce up on knick knacks for your table?? Maybe a theme change?? Are your BIZ cards current?? How about print materials?
***April is the month for goal CRUSHING!!!! Have a plan and work it!!!