Exterminating Jews

By: Yasmin Salazar

What Was It?

From 1935 to 1945, under the ruling of Adolf Hitler, was the mass murder against six million Jews, known as the Holocaust. The Nazis believed that Germans were racially superior and a threat to the German community. Jews were put in concentration camps where they were murdered, starved, human dignity was taken, tortured, and many other horrible incidents would occur.
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How Media Portrayed the Holocaust

The Holocaust was looked at in so many ways through the media. A lot was portrayed through pictures, books, documentaries, art and music. Germans were often reminded of this event against foreign enemies while Jews were reminded of the horrible incidents them and their families went through. The media based it on what life was like from both the German and Jews perspective. Books include diaries from those whom were in the Holocaust and talked about what they went through.
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In the article I read, the author didn't think the holocaust happened. The author pointed out that it seemed unlikely that a powerful group could let themselves be murdered. They believe the Holocaust was a myth. In another article that I read, the author talked about how if it happened once, it can happen again. She is against racism and how the Germans treated the Jews in such horrible ways.
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Feminist criticism played a major role during this time. Women were tortured in other ways such as rape, sexual harassment, getting beaten, and they were experimented on more. They did have advantages such as being mothers and being able to establish friendships while doing jobs such as cooking and cleaning. Another criticism was historical criticism because it played a major role in what happened in history. This story is still known almost 90 years later and will always be remembered.
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I think the Holocaust was a tragic experience during the 1930's-1940's. So many Jews died due to racism. I don't think it was fair that so many innocent kids, mothers, fathers, and many people were murdered because they were seen as a "threat" to a community.