Emperor Meiji of Japan

Meiji is Magnificent!

About Me

Birthday: Nov. 3rd, 1852

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan, in my grandmother's house

Favorite Government Style: Monarchy

3 of My Many Major Accomplishments

  1. Turned Japan into a better country in general by adding a constitution, fixing transportation, communication, and education, and creating a powerful army and navy
  2. Gave people the right to choose their own occupations and move freely
  3. Battled with China over Korea and WON!

2 Reasons Why I'm the Best Monarch

  1. I can fix almost any country's major problems, including education and transport
  2. I can also add many new features to your country, including army and navy
Who is Emperor Meiji?
Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia-Emperor Meiji


A simple timeline of Meiji's life made by me

Research Plan

My original research plan in Docs

Celebrate My Birthday!!!

Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 7am-9pm

Tokyo, Japan