Mom's Night Out Follow Up

Jammin' Style with Michelle

Thank you for stopping by my Jamberry Table!

I really had fun last night meeting all of you. I always enjoy the Mom's Night out events. I want to make sure that you had the videos for application and removal. So I will include them with this flyer.

I would love to have you join my special Facebook group. You can hear/see all the latest Jamberry news and it is also the first place where I announce any special sales or offers too. You can request to join here: Jammin' Style with Michelle

Many of you were able to grab a copy of my catalog. And you might discover that your wishlist is bigger than your budget. I would suggest having a Facebook party or an in person party. The Coffee Hound has agreed to letting me use the building for afternoon, early evening parties. I am sure there are other places as well if you would rather not have it in your home. Our hostess rewards are amazing.

Finally, I love what Jamberry has provided for me and I would love to offer that opportunity to anyone who is interested. Prior to Jamberry, there were times when I had really wanted to buy a cute outfit, shoes, or maybe go out to a movie with my friends. If there had been emergency expenses for our boys, the car, or home repair...I would decide not to splurge and put the money towards the expense that was most important. Now I am able to contribute to the family budget and I am able to splurge on myself too. I have also grown in my leadership skills and I have met new people and made new friends. I will include a video that I created about Jamberry that will answer a lot of questions. If you are interested in hearing more, I would love to visit with you.

Jamberry Official Wrap Application Video
Jamberry Official Wrap Removal Video
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