People would like to read stories about the different things, the novel of the famous writer, the autobiography of leaders and many other books. In previous time people take books in his hand read while traveling. But nowadays in the 21st century, people don’t take books for reading instead of they prefer to use ebooks for reading all the time and anywhere. It is easy and convenient to use anytime and anywhere. Here we discuss the e-books only and today’s topic is NCERT eBooks. The whole detail of Ncert ebooks is given below.


The NCERT stand for the national council of education research. The e-books are nothing but it is an electronic books platform that is used in every mobile devices and computer. And it is also required in less memory in your devices. Generally it is available in .doc, .pdf, .ppt etc. but mostly usable platform is .pdf format. It stands for the portable document file. Ncert also provides e-books with the .pdf extension. Because it is easy to use and carry at all over the portable devices. Like the real books, it also consists of pages, paragraph, sentences and all other detail. You can download the ebooks at free of cost on the Ncert website.


Ncert has published the real printed colorful books as well as .pdf e-books. This book is for standard 1 class to standard 12 class means higher secondary class. No need to find every single book of your courses. There is only one place to download all the Ncert books on their official website. The official website of Ncert is www.ncert Here .in refers to India. But there is no need to worry, if you live in outside of India you can also download it from the official website.


This council center is established in five different places: Ajmer, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, and Mysore and last but not least Shillong. These all five center is conducting different programme for the student. The council has publication department on NIE campus. Here NIE means national institute of education. After the making education book as well as e-books this council also includes two titles: first is the ten-year curriculum- a framework, this was established in 1975 and second is higher secondary education and its vocationalisation. These were established in one year after the ten-year curriculum framework means 1976.


The Ncert is consist following department for the e books courses:

Department of elementary education (Dee)

Department of teacher education and extension (dtee)

Department of languages (Dol)

Department of education in science and mathematics (Desm)

Department of education in surveys and data processing (Des&DP)

Department of education in social sciences and humanities (Dessh)

Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics (DEAA)

Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education (DEPFE)

Department of Education of Groups with Special Needs (DEGSN)

Department of Computer Education and Technological Aids (DCETA)

Publication Department (PD) Department of Women's Studies (DWS)

And many more.


From the above discussion, we can definitely say that NCERT eBooks has covered all the possible aspects.