friendship is happeness

rocco paduano 6/7

Analysis of the Development of Theme

If Freak did not move next to max. Then they wouldn't be friends. And wouldn't go on "quests". And the theme wont be about friends.When max got kidnapped then who would save him for killer Kane? So Freak really influences the plot,setting and characters. If killer Kane wasn't a murder,than Max wouldn't live with Gram and Grim. Then he wouldn't meet Freak. Killer Kane also wouldn't kidnap Max.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree to the theme because in the story Max becomes friends with Freak. And they both were made fun of. Max's dad was killer Kane and Freak didn't care. Freak was small and Max didn't care. And they were friends and happy .I think the author devoloped the theme well.It is relevent to our generation cues people who has friends are happy.


Max met Freak. They went on "quests". Then Freak shows Max the "bionic" place. They got chased by Tony D. They returned Loretta Lee's purse.Max got kidnapped by Killer Kane (his dad). Freak has a seizure and dies. Max writes a book about there fun times.