Influences of the Contitution

Natalie K., Elizabeth T., Kaity C., Branson R.

Samuel Adams

He argued that there should be a bill of rights to make sure that certain right are protected and so the government did not have too much power. He was not in favor of the Constitution to begin with. He wanted to make sure that the Constitution included natural law.

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Natural Law

There are three parts to Natural Law theory. Divine natural law
represents the system of principles believed to have been revealed or
inspired by God or some other supreme and supernatural being. Secular
natural law represents the system of principles derived from the
physical, biological, and behavioral laws of nature as perceived by
the human intellect and elaborated through reason. Historical natural
law represents the system of principles that has evolved over time
through the slow accretion of custom, tradition, and experience. All
three parts of Natural Law have had influence on the constitution. The
amendments in the Bill of Rights and the Preamble are based on Natural
Law. These two parts of the Constitution explain how morally people
should be treated and how they should treat each other. Natural Law
became the foundation of the freedoms and rights that everyone is
entitled to.

Articles of the Confederation

The Articles of Confederation influenced the Constitution in many ways. It's failure to be a strong document made it so the Continental congress had to regroup and create the Constitution. Because of the Articles made it so that Congress could not control taxes, Congress had to borrow money, which was slow process and decreased progress, so it was changed in the Constitution. Another part of the Articles of Confederation that was flawed, and was was changed for the Constitution, was that Congress was not in control of any global trade, which made importing and exporting a big confusing mess. There was also no court system in the Articles of Confederation, and that was added into the constitution.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Because of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the idea of Religious tolerance was included in the Constitution. He bright the idea that "All men are created equal". His Idea of public goods also influenced public schooling in America.
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