St Brigid's Primary School

Almighty and loving God, you who created ALL people in your image,

Lead us to seek your compassion as we listen to the stories of our past.

You gave your only Son, Jesus,

who died and rose again so that sins will be forgiven.

We place before you the pain and anguish of dispossession of land,

language, lore, culture and family kinship that Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander peoples have experienced.

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We live in faith that all people will rise from the depths of despair and hopelessness. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families have endured the pain and loss of loved ones,

through the separation of children from their families.

We are sorry and ask God’s forgiveness.

Touch the hearts of the broken, homeless and inflicted and heal their spirits.

In your mercy and compassion walk with us as we continue our journey of healing to create a future that is just and equitable.

Lord, you are our hope.


Term Two, Week Six - 26 May 2021


Term Two

Monday 19 April - Friday 2 July

Term Three

Students: Monday 19 July - Friday 24 September

Pupil Free Days - Monday 19 July, Monday 23 August

Term Four

Monday 11 October - Friday 10 December

Pupil Free Day - Monday 11 October

Principal - Paula MacKenzie

Dear Parents and Caregivers, This Wednesday is National Sorry Day. It is held on 26th May every year. This day gives people the chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities.

National Sorry Day was one of the major turning points in Australian history.

Kids are starting to learn about it at school, but it can be hard for them to wrap their heads around. Here is what to do when the questions start popping up.

What, when and why

National Sorry Day is a commemorative day that focuses on apologising to and bridging the gap between Australians and the Indigenous peoples. Held on May 26 each year, it gives people the chance to express regret for the way Aborigines were treated in the past, mostly because of the White Australia Policy. In a nutshell, this policy aimed to "weed out" the Indigenous people and their culture by making them assimilate with white people. For over 150 years, children were forcibly taken from their families and communities and thrust into a completely unfamiliar world. These children are part of the "Stolen Generations". Since the policy only ended in 1969, this issue is still very raw, and there are many Aborigines who have never found their families.

The process of reconciliation only really kicked off in 1998, when the first National Sorry Day was held. The event has helped to bring the whole nation together and create awareness about the suffering of the Stolen Generations. Indigenous people are well and truly part of the fabric of communities now, so no doubt your kids will come asking questions when the topic of the Stolen Generations comes up in class.

Another major step towards reconciliation came in 2008, when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally apologised to the Indigenous peoples for the way they were treated. On behalf of the governments before him, he said sorry for the laws and policies that caused such grief and loss. He also promised to look into ways to improve Indigenous life expectancy, educational achievement and economic opportunity — or, in other words, to close the gap.

Tips for tricky conversations

Children like to ask questions, and as a parent, it often falls to you to answer the tricky ones. Explaining the Stolen Generations definitely falls into that category. Child psychologist Dr. Phyllis offers her advice for dealing with difficult topics:

  • If the event or issue does not personally affect your kids, reassure them that everything is okay with the people they love.
  • Using simple, age-appropriate language, explain what happened.
  • Ask if there is something they want to know more about, or if they need something explained further. If so, stick to answering their question or clarifying. Don't add on or digress.
  • Ask if they know how they feel. Stress that people feel differently, and if they don't know how they feel (or don't feel anything), that's okay too.
  • If they are upset but don't want to talk, suggest a fun activity to distract them.


We are busily preparing interview times for children who will be entering Kindergarten for 2022. If you are intending to enrol your child for Kindergarten 2022 please make sure you have filled out an enrollment form and handed it into the front office so that an appointment time can be made for an interview.

If your child has a birthday that falls: between 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 they are eligible for Kindergarten 2022.


Last Tuesday our amazing student leaders attended the Halogen National Young Leaders Day at the Convention Centre in Perth. This is a special day where students are encouraged to lead and are inspired to take the lead in their schools and in life. It was an excellent day and we heard from many inspiring speakers. Rosheen asked the very first student question at the conference. Patrick became the first student to go up on stage and show his dance steps to the whole audience. Jake and Dakshinaa were the first to have a signed copy of the guest speaker’s book. It really was a day of firsts for our sensational leaders. It was a privilege for Mr Sibbald and myself to attend with our leaders.


This week we celebrated a liturgy with our Pre-Primary students. I was amazed at the way they led the liturgy, and their singing was a joy to hear. Thank you to Father Benny for celebrating the liturgy with us we can always count on your calming presence at these wonderful celebrations. Thank you also for the amazing support from so many parents it truly was uplifting to see so many parents in attendance and joining in with our children.


Congratulations to Father Benny as he celebrates his 50th Birthday next Monday 31st May. This is a wonderful milestone and we really appreciate the way Father Benny ministers to our school community. If you see Father Benny don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday.


Our gravel carpark has been a concern for several years. A growing concern for this area has been spoken about and the School Advisory Council were keen to come up with a solution to help alleviate the issue for our parents. This week we saw our amazing groundsman Peter Constable take to the tractor and attempt to create a pathway for parents to follow to allow the smooth flow of traffic. There is a path in and out of the areas with a crosswalk for children to navigate through. The School Advisory Council hope this will make this space more parent friendly.


The new school website will be up and running next week. A huge thank you to Mr Steve Duncan our IT manager at our school for all the work behind the scenes. The new look will be more user friendly, and we will continue to add to this site so that everyone can see our amazing school.


We are so fortunate to have such sensational staff at our school who go above and beyond to help our school community. Over the past 5 school days we have seen the book fair take place where children have the opportunity to purchase some wonderful books for themselves. Everyday before and after school Mrs Jocelyn Willis and Miss Althea Footman have been at the book fair selling items to our school community. This is an amazing effort on their behalf not only to organise the book fair but to run it diligently over the two weeks. Well done ladies


Each year we ask our families to participate in a survey so that as a school we can gain an understanding of what we are doing well and where we can improve. We are asking parents to please share your thoughts with the community. It is anonymous but we do ask for your help. The more parents that participate, the better the results will be in helping us to gain a true picture of the school and how it is working in our community. The survey will be coming out today on see saw or you can access the survey by clicking on the link below. We thank you for your assistance in this matter.


All children need to learn self-control; it needs to be taught and reinforced. Children need to learn to deal with frustration and to control their disappointment when they do not get their own way or what they want. Managing these times can be very frustrating and challenging for parents, but there are positive and effective ways to help children learn self-control.

Children learn self-control when parents use effective discipline to manage misbehaviour that is consistent, immediate and decisive. Set out below are a number of strategies that assist in developing self-control within children:

1: Establish Clear House Rules:

Children require limits to learn what is expected of them and how they should behave. A few basic house rules that are fair and easy to follow are important to establish ‘baseline’ expectations. The rules should tell children what to do rather than what not to do. e.g., Speak in a pleasant tone, keep your hands and feet to yourself.

2: Rule Breaking Learning:

When a child occasionally forgets a house rule it is important that you use it as a learning opportunity. Discuss with your child why their actions are not appropriate or acceptable, then describing or getting your child to suggest the correct behaviour. The correct behaviour can then be practiced.

3: Deliberately Ignoring Some Misbehaviour:

Sometimes minor attention seeking behaviour is best ignored. The child does not get a reward for the behaviour. As soon as they stop the misbehaviour, reward them for doing this! This usually sends a very powerful message about what is acceptable and what is not. Of course, do not ignore more serious misbehaviour; act quickly and decisively.

4: Give Clear and Calm Instructions:

The way you give instructions influences whether children cooperate or not. The following steps are important:

a) Get close and gain your child’s attention.

b) Tell your child what they are to do (John, it is time to come inside, please wash your hands.)

c) Give your child time to cooperate (Pause briefly to give your child time. eg. 5 seconds)

d) Praise cooperation.

e) Repeat the instruction, but only once!

5: Back Up Your Instructions with Logical Consequences:

If your child does not comply, then choose a consequence that fits the situation.

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.

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God Bless,

Paula MacKenzie


Assistant Principal - Mike Sibbald


Dear Lord

Help us to remain calm even

When we tingle with unease

When we throb with insecurity

When we itch with frustration.

Infuse us with Your Spirit,

Calm our anxieties,

Restore peace to our being



Congratulations to the Pre-Primary and Year Two Classes for their recent, beautifully prepared liturgies. Both Fr Liam and Fr Benny were very impressed with the children’s preparation and participation. Thank you to all the parents who attended in support.


A few key dates to keep in mind for those families preparing for First Eucharist.

  • Parent Meeting 1 June (St Brigid’s Hall 7.00pm)
  • Year Four Retreat Day 26 May (at School with Karl Brown)
  • First Eucharist Mass 13 June 11.00am

Fr Benny has asked that you attend the required number of masses before making your Sacrament on June 13.


Year 4 FIRST EUCHARIST – Sunday 13 June 2021 (11.00am)

Year 6 CONFIRMATION – Sunday 29 August 2021 (11.00am)


For Years 3 to 6 will take place at Aqua Tots Swimming School, Maida Vale in the last two weeks of Term 2, starting on Monday 21 June finishing on Friday 2 July. An enrolment form will be sent home this week and we ask you to please return the forms to your child’s class teacher by Tuesday 1 June. 2021.


Is a national census that measures early childhood development of children in their first year of full-time school. It helps to build a picture of health and wellbeing of children across Australia.

Along with most schools around Australia, students in Pre Primary will take part in the 2021 AEDC which provides research evidence for schools, communities and governments to help plan and more effectively allocate the right kinds of services and support for children and families.

A separate flyer will be sent home to Pre Primary parents and carers, providing further details about the census.

The AEDC website has a selection of case studies for each state showing how past census results are being used:


Over the next few weeks, I will be including some tips that may support you with home reading. Nightly reading forms an important part of homework here at St Brigid’s and research strongly supports fostering a love of reading at home. It is important that children are listened to when reading and also read to by an adult or more capable reader.

Talk to your child

Ask your child to talk about his day at school. Encourage him/her to explain something they did, or a game he played during recess.

Say silly tongue twisters

Sing songs, read rhyming books, and say silly tongue twisters. These help kids become sensitive to the sounds in words.

Read it and experience it

Connect what your child reads with what happens in life. If reading a book about animals, relate it to your last trip to the zoo.

Use your child's name

Point out the link between letters and sounds. Say, "John, the word jump begins with the same sound as your name. John, jump. And they both begin with the same letter, J."

Play with puppets

Play language games with puppets. Have the puppet say, "My name is Mark. I like words that rhyme with my name. Does park rhyme with Mark? Does ball rhyme with Mark?"

Trace and say letters

Have your child use a finger to trace a letter while saying the letter's sound. Do this on paper, in sand, or on a plate of sugar.

Write it down

Have paper and pencils available for your child to use for writing. Working together, write a sentence or two about something special. Encourage her to use the letters and sounds she's learning about in school.

Play sound games

Practice blending sounds into words. Ask "Can you guess what this word is? m - o - p." Hold each sound longer than normal.

Read it again and again

Go ahead and read your child's favorite book for the 100th time! As you read, pause and ask your child about what is going on in the book.

Talk about letters and sounds

Help your child learn the names of the letters and the sounds the letters make. Turn it into a game! "I'm thinking of a letter and it makes the sound mmmmmm."



WHEN: Every Tuesday 3.15pm - 3.45pm

WHERE: Main School Oval (meet in the undercover area)

COST: Free

YEAR GROUPS: Pre-Primary - Year 6


Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays are the busiest days for the canteen so if you can help even for a little while between 11.15am to 12.30pm, that would be a huge help. Please call into the canteen and let Kylie (our canteen manager) know when you are available. Thank you


The uniform shop will now be open

Monday 8.00am till 10.00am

Wednesday 1.30pm till 3.30pm

These new opening times will come into effect as of next Monday 3 May 2021. The Uniform Shop will no longer be open on Friday's. If you cannot make it into the uniform shop you can email your orders through to or contact Mrs Jo-Anne Vellis during open hours only on 6216 3865.

St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals) Appeal 2021

We are reaching out to you in the hope that you can assist us in supporting a school community activity called St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals). Many years ago a small group of very committed members of the school community started St Ems. Those wonderful members donated meals via the school to families that might be going through a hardship such as family sickness, hospital stays or bereavement.

We need your help to make St Ems a success. Please consider making a donation of store bought or home cooked meals. Your contribution will make a difference to our community members in need. Some examples of meals include pasta dishes, stews, curries, rice dishes, soups or sweet treats. Ideally we would like to put together a roster system to ensure that there are always meals available for families in need however a one off donation is also greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful initiative, please see the form below for more information.

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Come along and join the St Brigid's Swim Squad. Training takes place every Tuesday morning at Swan Active, Morrison Road, Midvale, commencing at 7am. Entry is $3.40 (no spectator fee for parents).

Swim Squad is for students in Yrs 2 to Yr 6 who are at swimming level 5 or above. Students can then take advantage of Breakfast Club at school which commences at 8.10am in the MacKillop Hall. If you have any queries, please contact Deanna (DJ) on 0419 943 901.

Before & After School Care

Parents, we are here to support you and your children in before and after school hours! We offer a secure, safe and exciting environment for your children to thrive and be a part of a socialized group.

Please note an enrolment form and 1 days' notice is to be given to make your casual bookings for your children.

We are here to help! Enrolment forms are now online

Vacancies Available Now!

P: 0484302073


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Mary’s Mount Primary School Centenary Mass – Thursday 17 June

All current and past students, staff and families are invited to the Mary’s Mount Primary School Centenary Mass on Thursday 17 June 2021 at St Mary’s Cathedral, Victoria Square Perth. Mass will commence at 10am and be followed by morning tea in the Parish Centre for a gold coin donation. Proceeds to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition.

Please RSVP your attendance via, the school office on 9290 5200 or email