Inclusive Housing

Group 10

what is inclusive housing?

Inclusive housing consists of 3 factors which are ...

  1. Affordable housing-->housing are priced at a reasonable cost so that the residents still have money for other basic needs
  2. Facilities and amenities for all ages-->providing a range of facilities and amenities for different age groups
  3. Strong senses of place and belonging-->residents have certain good experience and memories while living there;the place is unique and special to them.

Comparing of Tiong Bahru and Pasir Ris

I think that Tiong Bahru estate is a better inclusive estate compared to Pasir Ris .

Affordable housing

  • Both residents in Tiong Bahru and Pasir Ris felt that the price of the houses are reasonable and affordable.They are able to pay for their basic needs.

Facilities and amenities for all ages

  • As Tiong Bahru have more facilities and amenities compared to Pasir Ris .Furthermore, Tiong Bahru have "3 generation" facilities such as playground ,adult fitness corner as well as senior fitness corner. Tiong Bahru have all this facilities and amentiies which cater to the needs of the residents. There is also 3G facilities in Tiong Bahru as shown in the picture.
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Strong sense of place and belonging

I think that residences staying in both Tiong Bahru and Pasir Ris feel a strong sense of place and belonging to their place of home .The residents are fond of certain memories they had spent in various areas and holds a special meaning to them which makes them feel to be attached to the place. However,I still felt that the residents living in Tiong Bahru would have a stronger sense of belonging compared to the residents living in Pasir Ris .This can be seen the building in Tiong Bahru have a unique design of the round balconies and spiral staircase/Z shape staircase of the HDB flats. Thus making the flats look different from flats of other place.
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Landmark of Pasir Ris

This is one of the landmark in Pasir Ris which residents felt that is one of the oldest playground to them and is one of the most memorable one . Most of the other older landmarks had been demolish to build other infrastructures.
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