October 9th


While getting to know Golly, we learned the letter name, letter sound, and how to write the capital and lowercase letter Gg. It was a little difficult to write the lowercase letter g, but if we start it in the same spot as the c and o it helps. We should not lift our pencil to add a tail; just write the o then continue up to touch the vanilla (middle line) and drop straight down to add the tail. Golly told us about how he likes to follow his nose, but we did not agree with him about his favorite smell, GARBAGE! We noticed that there are many words that begin with the letter g, but we also learned that many words have the /g/ sound at the end of the word. There is a new book available to view on the Superkids website!

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As we continued through our Counting 0-10 Unit, we are really focusing on number sense. Number sense is an intuitive understanding of numbers, or a student's fluidity and flexibility with numbers. This understanding of the relationship between numbers is more important than the measureable skills. If students understand how numbers are related, they will have a better understanding of how to problem solve. Students do not need to memorize one correct way to solve a problem; they need to understand the concept behind the math they are asked to complete. This week, we worked to continue our development of number sense by creating our own number line. We learned that numbers have an important order that relates to the value of the number. When creating our number lines, we realized that the space between the numbers needs to be the same or equal. In order to create this equal space between each number students decided to use their footprint to create the space between the numbers. We are excited to be able to go back and add to our number lines as we learn more throughout the unit and year!
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In order to create ideas for writing, I told a true story of something that happened to me. A narrative of a small moment in my life a few weeks ago. I explained that it was a small moment because it all happened in about 30 minutes. It was NOT a story where that started with I woke up, ate breakfast, went shopping, blah, blah, blah. It was a small moment! I went to my parents' house to visit with my niece, Brinley, we were playing in the backyard, chased a squirrel, stepped in dog poop, hosed it off, got surrounded by the puddle of water, hopped on one foot to the dry part of the patio and my phone fell out of my pocket and shattered on the patio!!! Not the best 30 minutes of my life, but an eventful moment! Of course the students thought this was hilarious and I found myself laughing as I told the story; I explained that I was not laughing the day it happened. I talked about how this small moment would extend over many pages as I wrote and drew the pictures. I would show how I felt by drawing a expression (sad or disgusted) on my face in the pictures. The students then told their own stories to their shoulder partners. Then, we started our first page of the story on Friday!
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