"I thought you were gonna cut that hair." She said it like a scolding, but I recognized it for what it really was: plain old affection.

When did I say that

Don't you know the eyes are windows to the soul?

maybe I don't want anyone to have a window into mine.


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Amma slid the same old blue and white china plate- Dragonware, my mom had called it- of fried eggs, bacon, buttered toast, and grits in front of me. Amma was our house keeper, more like a grandmother, except she was smarter and more ornery than my real grandmother. (7)


Amma stood on the porch, her arms crossed disapprovingly. "Don't you play that loud music here, Wesley Jefferson Lincoln. Don't think I won't call your mamma and tell her what you were doin' in the basement all summer when you were nine years old. (9)