Marooned in 4th Grade

October 8th-12th

A Look At Our Week

  • Reading & Spelling--Me and Uncle Romie --Vocab, Comprehension and Spelling test on Friday.

  • Math--Chapter 3-- Double Digit Multiplication Lessons 3.5-3.6

  • History--Early Migrations--Indian Tribes

  • Language--Common Proper Nouns, Capitalization, Singular Possessive Nouns

Reminders/Mark Your Calendar

  • October 10th-Cookie Dough Pick up--First United Methodist Church--After School

  • October 12th- Public Power Week for 4th and 5th grade

  • October 12 - End of 1st Quarter ..... End of 1st Quarter A.R.

  • October 18 - 12:25 Dismissal .... Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00-8:00p.m.

  • October 19 - No School

  • October 26th--Fall Party More info later!

Spelling and Vocabulary Words


aloud, bald, hawk, south, faucet, proud, claw, tower, stalk, couple, howl, false, dawn, allow, drown, pause, fault, cause, amount, cloudier


studio--artist's workroom


feast--large meal

streak--to move quickly

yanked--pulled hard

schedule--a set time for things to happen



model--small copy or version

smeared--messy or blurred