North Cascades

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Thing you should bring if you are going to do something in the North Cascade National park.

Hi my name is Macy and i'm about to go on a trip to North Cascades if you want to know some stuff to bring keep on reading.The first thing you should bring if you are going hiking,horse back riding,or mounting climbing is snacks so if you get hungry you have food but try to make the snacks healthy.The second thing you need is water so that is you get deteriorated you have something. The last thing you need is a jacket so if it get cold you have something to keep you nice and warm.This is all the stuff you will need if you are going hiking,mountain climbing,or horse bake riding in North Cascades.

Animals in North Cascades

If you go to North Cascades look for gray wolfs ,black bears, river otter, cougar, lynx, and bobcat.These are some animals in North Cascades.Did you also know that North Cascades has 75 mammals and 21 familys can be found in north cascades national park.

Thing you need to bring if you go mountain climbing,hiking,and horse back riding in North Cascades.


this is the weather for north cascades
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After Vacation

It's me again and I just got back from North Cascades. It was so beautiful. All the stuff I saw was magnificent.Hope you like North Cascades as much as i did bye.