Math Curriculum Update

September 2015

Math Curriculum Revision Background

Worked with Sue Palma, educational consultant from Education Connection, throughout 2014-2015 school year to gain feedback on strengths and weakness of the math curriculum at the time. The following highlight her feedback:
  • Revise alignment to ensure that content reflects the focus of each grade level's expectations
  • Make curriculum user-friendly for teachers
  • Our resource, Investigations, was highly recommended for its lesson design to use as a foundation whenever applicable.

Action Steps Taken

  • Improved curriculum template created
  • Realignment of units in order to better match grade level standards
  • Created first unit for teachers to begin planning over summer as well as to serve as a model for the curriculum revision team
  • Began implementation of the Exemplar's Library resource.
  • Began revising assessments to improve rigor.
  • Established a K-6 Summer Math Curriculum Team to continue revision of units over the summer

K-6 Summer Math Curriculum Team

  • Team was comprised of seven teachers (one representing each grade level), 3 math specialists and the chief academic officer
  • Work took place for five full days during the week of August 17th
  • Teachers used the new scope and sequence of units to determine what content needed to be taught as well as what skills students needed to master
  • Teachers pulled

Next Steps...