Whats wrong with your insides?!

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself

Lena is her own conflict

I believe Lena is in a constant battle with her inner self. She has to decide whether to do what she has been taught her whole life, or to follow her heart and trust Alex. She could face many consequences and even death by following Alex, but she could also live in an emotionless hollow body just put together with a man she doesn't love for the rest of her life. She must constantly make decisions and fighting her inner self to try and figure out the mess she has created of herself. These decisions could change everything, and she knows that. She had to choose to meet Alex at the beach that day, she had to choose to trust him, and most importantly she had to choose whether or not to let herself fall in love with him. Lena is a self conscious, but beautiful young woman. She is courageous and strong, she just doesn't know it yet. I think she was born to be a leader, and I believe one day she will be.


For Sale!

HI, my name is Hana Tate. I have this nice pair of running shoes, brand new might I add, that aren't the right size for me. They were intended for me to go running in with my best friend but it didn't work out, because...well...she is moving. They are an 8 in women and they are Nike. They are pink and white with a green padding on the inside. They are snug and good for walks, jogs, and running. All of my information is below.

Pink and white Nike shoes- Hana Tate

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Cross-word puzzle

Deliria Gazette would like to present the newest addition to their newspaper.
We will now have a weekly cross word puzzle for your entertainment. its completely free and is tons-o'-fun!
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Here are the words:

2. The name of the street Alex and Lena meet at
4. The first name of the author of the book "Delirium"
6. The main character of the book
9. the people who walk the streets at night and make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to
10.What Hana and Lena do often in their free time
3. Lena well deeply in with Alex (four letter word)
5.The short name for the love disease
7.The place the escaped rebels live
8.what you must get when you turn 18

We also have a new weekly comic strip!

You'll be laughing the rest of the week at these silly comics!
Its completely free and fun guaranteed
It's super fun so give it a shot!