Miss Wertheim's Little Leaders

News and Resources from Room 203: Week of October 17

Important Dates and Reminders

Monday, October 17- Storybook Project FORM due (project isn't due until Oct. 28) Please check homework folders for info.

Friday, October 21- Early release day and FUN RUN PLEDGE MONEY DUE!

Thursday, October 27- Any Scholastic Book Orders you wish to place are due online or in homework folder

Friday, October 28- Storybook Character Costumes and Projects Due- ALSO Fall Carnival at Claxton 5-8 p.m.

What we're learning about next week 📚

  • Reading- We are beginning non-fiction text features including: title, table of contents, keyword, icon, heading, caption, glossary and index. We will be reading non-fiction passages about weather. We are also reading The BFG by Roald Dahl as part of the Global Read Aloud. Kids all around the world are reading The BFG this month and we do book talks on Twitter and Skype. Be sure to ask your child what their favorite part of The BFG has been and have them do their best imitation of the BFG's voice.
  • Writing- Students are working on personal narratives, using transition words: first, then, next, finally. Writers include what they saw, heard, and felt. They will use an editing checklist to check organization, word choice, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • Math- We are working on addtion and subtraction fluency within 20. Our daily math routine also includes telling time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analog clock. This is a great skill to practice with your child as often as possible. Here is a great math game for practicing number strings. Kids have to find the addends that equal a specific sum: Clear it Addition ~ More games: 100s Chart Missing Numbers; Number Grid Fireworks
  • FUNdations- We are starting unit 3 which focuses on a special syllable type: closed syllable exceptions. These are glued sounds with a long vowel sound: ild, ind, olt, ost, old. To mark these sounds, students draw a box around the glued sound. Students review tapping and marking closed syllables. For more info, please visit the Fundations page on my blog: http://mswertheim.blogspot.com/p/reading.html .
  • Science- We are learning about the sun and how it impacts earth's weather. Students will be learning about wild weather including hurricanes, blizzards and floods. We will also begin a service project to help schools in Eastern NC who were affected by Hurricane Matthew.
  • Social Studies- We are learning about features of maps. Kids will have the chance to read a variety of maps by using map keys, a compass rose, and latitude/longitude.

Wish List 🌟

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Please check Class Dojo for photos from our school days. It's set up like Instagram, but it's private for our classroom families.

Class Dojo, Behavior Assessments, and Homework 📓

Class Dojo reports can be accessed online. If you need your child's code, please email me. Ms. Roberts and I love pointing out positive behaviors throughout the day. If a child needs support with his/her behavior, they will fill out a think sheet reflection which is sent home to be signed.

Emoji Behavior assessments are filled out each day by your child. I am so proud of their self-reflection skills! They've done an excellent job with their self-assessments so far. Please be sure to discuss their achievements with them and sign the assessment each evening.

Homework for the upcoming week consists of:

  • Choice board (I hope that you and your child are enjoying the choice board activities. The kids seem to love having choice! Thank you for continuing to encourage nightly reading at home).
  • Reading stars (on the back of choice board) Please try to read at least 20 minutes each day with your child.
  • Parents please sign Emoji Self-Assessment each night.

As always, thank you so much for all you do. It is an honor to teach your child.