Ashford University CHAMPS


Week 5

It is week five and we have been getting to know our mentees. During this time I am sure many of you have had a chance to note your mentees communication style. Our goals this week are to set our students up for success through neiquette and time management. Here is a quick outline of our objectives this week.

  • Mentee and Mentor will meet in the forum of their choice at least once per week.
  • Mentee will complete and e-mail their mentor their completed Time Management activity and Mind Tools Activity Time management
  • Mentee will complete and e-mail their mentor the Netiquette activity.
  • Mentor will discuss with their mentee their thoughts on the 3 activities sent to them.

CHAMPS Mentor Resource Center

If you have not yet, check out our newly launched CHAMPS Mentor Recourse Center! Our Coordinator, Evan Gray has worked hard getting this put together for us. You may have noticed Evan emailed asking for mentor bios. He is formatting and putting them in the the Resource Center, so be sure and respond to him with your picture and bio!

Communicating with Busy Schedules

Above is a link to an article regarding communicating with busy schedules. While it is referencing employee/employer relationships, there are several great take-away points. Share any feedback and/or success stories you have had with having quality conversations with your mentee.