Hall County 4-H Newsletter

June 2022

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  • Upcoming 4-H Workshops & Events
  • Kids College Opportunities
  • 4-H Q&A with Crystal...
  • Online Horticulture ID Contest
  • Entomology Workshop
  • Ice Cream Roll & Culinary Challenge
  • Clothing Judging Day & Fashion Show Information
  • Special Entomology Project
  • Horticulture & Floriculture Exhibits for County Fair
  • Hall County Fair Book
  • Hall County Pre-Fair Checklist
  • Shooting Sports
  • Companion Animals
  • Horse News
  • Livestock Updates/YQCA
  • Shout Outs
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Camps & Statewide 4-H Opportunities
  • Calendar
Enroll in Hall County 4-H

Enrollment must be completed by June 15th to be eligible to participate at the Hall County Fair & Nebraska State Fair!

Upcoming 4-H Workshops & Events section heading
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Check it Out - Kids College!

The Extension office is now taking registrations for Kids College classes, which will be held mostly in June. Classes fill up fast; sign up today!

4-H Q&A with Crystal...

Do you have questions about 4-H projects, additional information that is required for the Fair, deadlines for the Fair, etc.? Below are two short video links that may answer a few of your questions. If you still have questions after watching the videos, you are welcome to schedule a Q&A session via Zoom with Crystal to get all of your questions answered! Call 308-385-5088 or email cbeissenherz2@unl.edu to schedule a Zoom session today!

Animal Project InformationStatic (non-animal) Project Information

Online Horticulture ID Contest

The Nebraska 4-H Online Horticulture Judging Contest provides youth an opportunity to test their knowledge of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. The contest is open to all youth, as well as adults. Youth do not need to be enrolled 4-H members to participate. The contest will be available from 8:00 AM on Friday, June 3, 2022, through 8:00 AM on Monday, June 20, 2022. Go to 4h.unl.edu/online-horticulture-judging-contest for more information.

Entomology Workshop

Date & Time: Friday, June 24, 9 am-12 pm

Ages: 7 & up; Cost: FREE

Join us for an introductory class on insect biology and ecology. Come learn about the different orders of insects, where they live, and common species in Nebraska. Students will observe habitats and collect insects in their native habitats using various field collection techniques. Students will also be taught how to pin and display insects for entry into 4-H county and state entomology competitions. Instructor: David Nielsen.

Ice Cream Roll & Culinary Challenge

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Beef Pit (New Location), NE State Fairgrounds, Grand Island

The Ice Cream Roll will be held on Tuesday, July 12 with starting times every half hour from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. 4-H’ers enrolled in Cooking 101 or Making Food for Me (Clover Kids) projects and pre-registered may participate in the Ice Cream Roll. Call the Extension Office to pre-register and reserve a time. Arrive at the time slot you have selected to begin measuring, mixing and rolling. Recipes & more information can be found at hall.unl.edu/4-h-ice-cream-roll/.

The Culinary Challenge Contest is open to any 4-H member enrolled in a Foods project. Each exhibit will consist of a theme (4-H member’s choice), a menu card, one food item prepared from the menu, recipe for the prepared food item, one or two place settings and a centerpiece. More information can be found at hall.unl.edu/4-h-culinary-challenge-hall-county/.

Please call Cami at 308-385-5088 if you have any questions or if you can help at either event.

Clothing Judging & 4-H Fashion Show section heading
Clothing Judging Day & 4-H Fashion Show graphic
Join us for the 4-H Fashion Show! Wednesday, June 29, 7:30 pm, College Park Theater, Grand Island. We’re excited to announce the emcees for the 2022 4-H Fashion Show, Jodi Rauert and Chris Kotulak.

If you love racing (horse racing or running in a marathon race) you have likely run into our fashion show emcees at some point! Jodi Rauert is a Financial Advisor at 1st National Bank, a runner, and is a highly involved community advocate. She serves on the Heartland United Way Board, Wood River School Board, Wood River Booster Club, is a CHI Grand Island trustee, and served as Chair of the College Park Board. Jodi is a 4-H alum and 4-H has been a part of her family for generations including her daughters (Jess, Jocelyn, Jenna), parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Chris Kotulak, the Chief Executive Officer at Fonner Park, began his career in horseracing as a teenager, when he worked with the thoroughbreds on the backstretch of the AKSARBEN racetrack in his hometown of Omaha. Chris called races at Fonner Park early in his career, and later covered racing in England, Australia, and Japan, as well as serving as a television host, analyst, and producer. He authored and published the book Jack, From Grit to Glory. Chris lives in the Grand Island area with his wife, Kay, two riding horses, four cats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, turkey, deer, a woodchuck and an occasional badger.

A big thanks to both emcees! The 4-H Fashion Show is open to the public. Invite your family and friends and we’ll see you on the 29th. Questions about the show? Contact D’Ette at the Extension Office.

4-H Modeling Clinic

Are you ready to “strut your stuff” at the 4-H Fashion Show? If you’d like to practice before the big day, a modeling clinic will be held on Tuesday, June 14th from 1-2 pm. We will meet in the Extension meeting room at College Park to go over modeling basics and hear some tips for judging day. After practicing in the meeting room, everyone will go to the College Park theater to walk the actual runway! A special thanks to Mary & Emily Reimers for leading this clinic! Please register at https://forms.gle/Q345TQUWdYveeuCE7 by Monday, June 13th to let us know you will be attending. If you have questions about the modeling clinic or the fashion show, please give D’Ette a call.

Join in the Fun at the 4-H Fashion Show!

Have you always wanted to participate in the Fashion Show, but really haven’t found your knack for sewing? No worries! You can participate with “purchased” garments also. The Shopping in Style project and Attention Shoppers project offers 4-Her’s the opportunity to purchase an outfit and model it at the Fashion Show.

The Attention Shoppers project is for ages 8-9 and has a $75 limit for an outfit. Shopping in Style is for 4-Her’s age 10 and up, and has no price limitations. Have you started your school shopping for this fall and have a new outfit you’d love to show off? Perfect! Your homecoming or prom dress would be welcome in the show too!

NEW - All Shopping in Style and Attention Shoppers modeling entries will require a completed Information Card found here: hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair, or copies may be picked up at the Extension office. Call D’Ette with questions!

The $15 Challenge

Consider participating in the Fashion Show with an outfit costing no more than $15!

$15 Challenge Information:

  • Open to any 4-H member!
  • Outfit must be selected and purchased from garage sale, thrift store, consignment store or resale shop (such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, store bargain at the mall, etc.)
  • Cost of outfit must be $15 or less, not including shoes, accessories or undergarments.
  • Consider why outfit is needed and how it fills a void in your wardrobe.
  • Take into account the fit, quality and care of the garment(s).
  • Model the outfit on Clothing Judging Day and at the public Fashion Show that evening.

Tips for Fashion Show Entries

As you consider your modeling entries for the 4-H Fashion show, remember the fashion show line-up is set by project area. It is often difficult and stressful for 4-Hers to model multiple outfits in one project area due to the fast clothing changes needed to keep the fashion show moving along smoothly. You might consider spreading out your entries into different projects. For example, you may have a constructed modeling entry in STEAM 1, another entry in Beyond the Needle, and a Shopping in Style entry later in the show. Fashion Show entries are limited to TWO constructed outfits (from STEAM 1, 2, 3, or Beyond the Needle) and TWO Shopping in Style/Attention Shoppers outfits (one purchased outfit & one $15 challenge outfit). Entries in the Fun Parade do not count toward your total. Please look over the fair premium book for more details or call the office with questions!

4-H Clothing Judging Day Information

A schedule for modeling (during the day), with specific judging times will be emailed to 4-H families before Clothing Judging Day. Please arrive early and be ready to model 15 minutes before your judging time. *If you are 10 years of age and your outfit is state fair eligible, please stay until call-backs are completed!

Project Spotlight section heading

Special Entomology Project

Check out the NEW Special Entomology Project - Tiger Beetles!

Tiger beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae, subfamily Cicindelinae) are a large group of beetles known for being quick runners and ferocious predatory habits. There are approximately 2,600 species of tiger beetles worldwide. These beetles are recognizable for their large eyes, large curved mandibles and colorful patterns on the elytra that often have a metallic sheen to them. Their diversity and attractiveness make them a favorite for insect collectors. Go to hall.unl.edu/4-H/Events/2022/TigerbeetlesSP2022.pdf for more information.

Horticulture & Floriculture Exhibits for County Fair

Horticulture exhibitors- save your seed packets! To exhibit in this area, you must know your varieties and cultivars. This information must come in with your flowers and vegetables on entry day. Need information on exhibiting flowers/vegetables/ herbs/fruit items? Check out these resources when preparing entries for the fair:

2022 Hall County Fair Book

The Fair Book contains 4-H project class descriptions, premiums & much more. Check it out here: hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/. The website also includes additional forms, data tags & supporting information cards, as well as a summary of new classes & class changes.

Please review ALL AREAS of the 2022 Fair Book that pertain to your projects. You may download a copy of the 2022 Fair Book here: hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/ or you may pick up a paper copy at the Extension Office.

Questions about Fair Entry Forms or Exhibits?

Fair entry forms have recently been emailed to all enrolled 4-H families! Check your inbox!

Entry forms can also be found here: hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/. If you have questions about where an exhibit ‘fits’ or how to complete your fair pre-registration forms, please contact the office at 308-385-5088. Fair entry forms are due June 22.

  • For static exhibits – Contact D’Ette or Joyce
  • For animal exhibits – Contact Megan, LaDonna or Crystal

What is a Static Exhibit?

At fair time, you will often read or hear office staff talking about STATIC exhibits. A static exhibit is any exhibit that isn’t alive (doesn’t breathe and/or walk). They are stationary. We are usually referring to exhibits in the exhibit hall: posters, home environment exhibits like wall hangings, food, flowers, child development exhibits, woodworking, Kids College exhibits, and more! (Animals are not static exhibits.)

Hall County Pre-Fair Checklist!

  • Enrolled in all 4-H project areas (v2.4honline.com) by June 15.

  • Paid 4-H dues of $10 per youth member (ages 5-18) by June 15.
  • Submitted animal ID or vaccination forms (All animals by June 15). *Note: Animal ID/vaccination forms can be found at hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/ or picked up at the Extension office.
  • Completed Quality Assurance (if showing beef, sheep, goats, swine, dairy, rabbits and/or poultry), YQCAProgram.org. Turn in certificates to Extension office by June 15.
  • Submitted Hall County Fair Entry forms (emailed to all 4-H families & can be found at hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/) by June 22. *Note: ALL EXHIBITS must be pre-entered on the appropriate entry form (this includes Clover Kids). Please refer to the 2022 Fair Premium book located at hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/, containing 4-H project class numbers & descriptions, when filling out entry forms.

Entry forms are due to the Extension Office by June 22! Please note that additional required documentation for animals (see above) are due to the Extension Office by June 15. A $15 late fee will be charged per 4-H member, for any fair entry form (or required documentation) received up to 2 business days after the deadline. Entries will not be accepted after that time. If you have any questions, please call the office at (308) 385-5088. We are happy to help!

Shooting Sports section heading

2022 Hall County 4-H Shooting Sports Schedule

The dates are set for 4-H Archery, BB Gun, 22 Rifle and Shotgun practices/competitions. (Dates & times are subject to change.) Youth who participate in practices and competitions must be enrolled in 4-H Online BEFORE practicing and competing in a 4-H Shooting Sports event. *Minimum age for Archery & BB Gun is 4-H age 8. Minimum age for 22 Rifle and Shotgun is 4-H age 11 (Hunter's Safety Certification REQUIRED). Please review the Hall County Fair Book - Shooting Sports section/rules and the 2022 Hall County 4-H Shooting Sports Schedule. Contact the Hall County Extension Office at 308-385-5088 with questions.
Companion Animals section heading

Fair Reminders for Small Animals

Dog, cat & ferret vaccination forms (signed by a vet) must be on file at the Extension Office by June 15. Vaccination forms can be found here: hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/.

Interested in the 4-H Dog Project?

Join Happy Hounds 4-H Club in learning the skills for Obedience, Showmanship and Agility. Practices will take place on TUESDAYS starting June 7th at 6 pm, Thompson Arena at Fonner Park. Parents, please stay for the practice. Practice dates will be subject to change depending on building scheduling and will be communicated at practice and via email. Be sure that you are enrolled in 4-H and have selected Companion Animal (D) Dog as one of your projects (v2.4honline.com), so we don’t miss letting you know the dates and times!

The Dog Vaccination form will need to be completed and returned to the office by June 15th (or before the first practice). The Dog Vaccination form can be found at hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions, (308) 385-5088 or Michele Eberl (308) 381-2759.

Dog Show Rule Book Changes

4-H Dog Exhibitor - there have been some updates made in the Nebraska 4-H Dog Show Manual. Please review the rulebook in its entirety here: 4hfairbook.unl.edu/fairbookview.php/animals/4. We also ask that you carefully review the dog section of the Hall County Fair Book prior to practicing for the Fair, hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair/.
Horse News section heading

Horse Ride Night

The Hall County ride night will be held at Fonner Park’s Thompson Arena July 6th from 6-8 pm. This is the only opportunity to make corrections to the program/add classes! Remember: to be eligible for high point honors, you must be in attendance or have a representative at 2 of the 3 meetings. There will be a sign-in sheet at ride night; make sure you get signed in for attending.

Senior Horse Exhibitors

If you are a senior in high school or in your last year of eligibility showing in the Hall County 4-H Horse Show, and would like to be recognized during the Grand Entry portion of the show, submit a paragraph about yourself to the Extension office by the Horse Right Night on July 6th.

Nebraska 4-H Horse Opportunities

District/State 4-H Horse Show Information, 4-H Horse Stampede, Equine Webinar Series, Horsemanship Study Courses, Advancement Levels and much more!

Livestock Updates section heading

Stall Decorating Theme

The theme for the 2022 Hall County Fair Stall Decorating for clubs and families is “Nebraska...The Good Life”. Show off your 4-H pride by decorating your club or family area. This has been lots of fun in past years!

YQCA Training Update

YQCA certificates are due to the Extension Office by June 15th!

YQCA has moved! Nebraska 4-H requires all members enrolled in a livestock project to complete annual quality assurance certification through the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals program. The program has recently moved to a new online system available at YQCAProgram.org. Learn more about YQCA requirements and find help documents at 4h.unl.edu/yqca. Call the Extension Office if you have questions at 308-385-5088.

*YQCA Training is REQUIRED each year for all youth (4-H age 8-18) planning to show beef, swine, sheep, goats, dairy, poultry & rabbits at County and/or State Fair.

Animal Identification Guidelines:

  • Check out the Hall County Animal ID Guidelines. It lists methods of ID, nomination deadlines & entry deadlines for animals that will be shown at County Fair and State Fair. *ID forms/nominations MUST be submitted by June 15th, 2022 for ALL SPECIES.
  • Important Animal ID Requirements to be eligible for State Fair: As in the past, DNA will need pulled for all market animals. In addition, any animals that you are considering and would like to be eligible to show at State Fair, will also need to be nominated and paid online, by YOU (4-H families) at showstockmgr.com. The deadline for all animals is June 15th.
  • Reminder of ID Tag requirements for Swine: All 4-H market and breeding swine will need an ID sheet with ear notches completed for County Fair (see below). In addition, for any market swine to be eligible for State Fair, each animal must have an EID tag, DNA will need to be collected and submitted to the Extension office, as well as online nominations completed, by June 15th.

Ear Notches for Swine

One of the most common animal id questions that comes up every year is “How do I read/record swine ear notches?”. Ear notching is a traditional method of identification in which pigs are identified based on their birth order within a given farrowing. It is a permanent form of identification and used when completing the Animal Affidavits (ID’s). If you fall in the “How do I” category, please take a moment to read the linked information. We also have an easy-to-read diagram that is available on our Hall County Extension website, hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair-information/ or at the office. Happy fair season!

Bucket Calf Project

4-H members enrolled in the Bucket Calf project have a record book to complete! The record book counts for 25% of your total points at the Hall County Fair, so be sure to turn it in to the Extension staff when your calf is entered onto the fairgrounds. Bucket Calves also need paper copies of the ID’s turned in by June 15th. *Please note that the bucket calf show is considered showmanship for the calves and their exhibitors.

Bucket Calf Classes:

  • Clover Kid—5-7 years (4-H age) (record book not required)
  • Junior—8-10 years (4-H age)
  • Intermediate—11-13 years (4-H age)
  • Senior—14 years and older (4-H age)

Bucket calf ID forms and record books can be found at hall.unl.edu/hall-county-fair.

Livestock Sale Cards

Sale Cards are available to pick up at the Extension Office. These are great for youth to distribute to potential auction supporters ahead of the Fair!
Shout Outs section heading

Welcome Connor!

Please help us welcome Connor Scholz! He will be serving as an Intern at the Hall County Extension Office this summer. Connor will be studying at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, majoring in Secondary Education. He has been involved in Hall County 4-H for 13 years and Connor says, "I am interested in this opportunity because of my passion for working with youth in Hall County." Connor will be helping with summer programming, including Kids College, 4-H events/contests, Hall County Fair, and so much more!
Congratulations to Haley Robb of Doniphan for being selected as a delegate to the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute (NAYI). More than 200 high school juniors and seniors, sharing an interest in agriculture, will gather in Lincoln to develop leadership skills, explore career opportunities and learn more about the state’s number one industry. Sponsored in part by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), NAYI will be held July 11-15, in Lincoln, on the University of Nebraska’s East Campus.

Thank You Volunteers!

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the sheep and goat weigh-in. A big THANK YOU to our volunteers: Jeff Ewoldt, Kaden Ewoldt, Cooper Ewoldt, Miranda Lowrey, Michele Eberl, and Katie Eberl as well as all the parents and 4-H members for all your help!

Big picture

Volunteers Needed

The America Boer Goat Association has a national show in Grand Island and is looking for some older youth who would be willing to judge their junior public speaking contest. The contest will be held Sunday, June 12th, 8 am-12 pm at the State Fairgrounds in Grand Island. If you are interested, please contact Brian Cox at 303-775-0813.

This year’s State Hippology Contest is looking for volunteers. The contest will be held July 9, 2022 at Fonner Park in Grand Island, in conjunction with the State 4-H Horse Expo. Volunteer duties include: checking teams in, rotating teams between stations and grading exams. Horse experience is not required. Contact Alaina Kauffman at alaina.kauffman@unl.edu for more information.

Calling All High School Students!

Need volunteer hours to graduate?

Contact us for volunteer opportunities!

Camps & Statewide 4-H Opportunities section heading

Plant Science & Insect Identification Contests

Increase your knowledge of plants, trees, weeds & insects by participating in the following ID contests!

Sixth Annual Agronomy Youth Field Day

  • Wednesday, July 6, 2022
  • 9:00 am—3:00 pm
  • Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA)
  • Open statewide to ALL youth, ages 9 to 18 (as of 1/1/2022)
  • FREE event with lunch provided by Ag Valley Coop

See crop irrigation management using drones & sensors! Learn about crop nutrients & tools! Discover the fun of seed corn production & hybrids! ID various weeds and understand herbicides! Learn about plant growth stage! Inspect a field for insect damage! Go to hall.unl.edu/4-H/Events/2022/Agronomy%20Youth%20Field%20Day%20Flyer.pdf for more information.

Youth Crop Scouting Competition

4-H & FFA youth are invited to participate in the annual youth crop scouting competition on August 3, 2022 at the Eastern Nebraska Research & Extension Center, Mead, NE. More details can be found at https://cropwatch.unl.edu/cropscoutingcompetition.

2022 Calendar - Upcoming Events

  • June 1 - Extension Board meeting, 4:30 pm at the Extension office.

  • June 2 - Bicycle Road-E-O, 3:30 pm at the Extension office (north parking lot).

  • June 2 - 4-H Council meeting, 6:30 pm at the Extension office.

  • June 15 - 4-H Enrollment deadline for participation in the 2022 Hall County Fair.

  • June 15 - Deadline for all animal ID forms, vaccination forms & quality assurance certificates.

  • June 15 - Deadline for State Fair online animal nominations.

  • June 22 - Deadline for Hall County Fair entry forms.

  • June 29 - Clothing Judging Day & 4-H Fashion Show

  • July 6 - Horse Ride Night, 6-8 pm at Thompson Arena, Fonner Park.

  • July 12 - Ice Cream Roll & Culinary Challenge, 4:30-6:30 pm at the Beef Pit, NE State Fairgrounds.

  • July 20-24 - Hall County Fair