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Week of September 13, 2021

Principal's Message

Good afternoon Junior Jacket families,

Thank you for continuing to support our students, teachers, and staff! I wish for all of you a restful weekend and time spent with your family. As the twenty year anniversary of September 11 approaches, I think it is a great reminder for our school community that when we work together, show compassion and grace, that we can get through any challenging time. A special thank you this weekend to all of our servicemen and servicewomen, veterans, first responders, and police officers as we all reflect on the events of September 11!

Please see below for the following newsletter items:

1. PTO Newsletter

2. FMES Admin sleep on the roof

3. Kindergarten Colors

4. A message from Mrs. Caldwell

5. Morning car arrival reminders

As always, if I can ever be of any assistance to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Together in Education,

Jad Griffin


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PTO Newsletter - The Bees Knees

Please find the most recent edition of our PTO's Newsletter, The Bees Knees, in the button below.

FMES Admin's plan to sleep on the roof!!

A huge thank you for all of the help and donations during our Booster Program! We were able to raise $37,345 for our school! And thank you to our wonderful PTO for all the hard work and time you put into making the program a success!

Since we were able to collect donations from all 50 states that means that THE FMES ADMIN WILL BE SLEEPING ON THE ROOF! We are working on a plan and date and will let everyone know when this will happen so that if you'd like to swing by the school that evening for your kids to see, you can find some time to do that. Thank you again!

Our Kindergarten Colors!!

Our kindergarten students have been learning about their colors and having color themed days recently and this will continue through next week. Feel free to have your student join in on the fun by wearing the following colors:

Monday, September 13 - Yellow Day

Tuesday, September 14 - Green Day

Wednesday, September 15 - Blue Day

Thursday, September 16 - Black, Brown, or White Day

Friday, September 17 - Rainbow Day (Wear all the colors or just your favorite color!)

A Message from Mrs. Caldwell - Covid Reporting

Just a reminder that if your child is having any illness or symptoms of COVID, please make sure to contact Nurse Caldwell via phone (803-548-8291) or email with this information. Be sure to also copy Mrs. Swetta, our Attendance/Registrar Data Manager, at

If your child is being tested for COVID, he/she will need to remain out of school until the COVID result has been reported. You will need to notify Nurse Caldwell AND provide a copy of the result - Positive or Negative - prior to your child returning to school. Once this is confirmed, you will be advised of your child’s return date to school.

Additionally, if a member of your household tests Positive for COVID, please complete the FMSD link for reporting AND also notify Nurse Caldwell via email.

**To report COVID information related to your student or your family, please click on the link below and complete the form. Estimated return dates to school are provided on the form. Once your information is reviewed, you will receive confirmed return dates via email from our FMSD office.

Morning Car Arrival Reminders

Below are a couple reminders related to our morning drop-off procedures in the car line. We use these procedures because we can often have very long car lines and we want to ensure that all students are able to be able dropped off in our 7:05-7:35am window.

  • Please do not drop off students before 7:05. Wait for our staff to open the front doors before letting students exit the car.
  • Please make sure to pull as far forward as possible in the car line so that we can maximize the number of cars dropping off at once. Please do not stop in front of the door that your child enters. We have staff around the entire car loop and are happy to help kids get to their classrooms as they learn routines.
  • Please make sure that your child is ready to exit the car once it comes to a stop. This prevents delays in the car line.
  • Please do not exit the vehicle to help your child get out of the car. We have staff around the entire loop that are happy to help your child exit the car.
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If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, may we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate!

"No day shall erase you from the memory of time."

-Sandy Dahl

Thank You!

Thank you to our PTO and school beautification team for the beautiful mums and decorations at our front doors! The kids loved the pumpkins at dismissal this afternoon!
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Important Links for Junior Jacket Families

Classroom Celebration Baskets

FMSD Food service has celebration baskets for parents to order for special occasions. These baskets provide treats for students in a classroom. CLICK HERE to order a celebration basket for your child's class.

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