America 1880-1920

The American Society from 1880-1920

By Ross Jones


Technological innovations like the telegraph really helped the U.S. become more populated and made it easier for anyone to communicate to each other. There were a lot of industrial companies in the time period, but, Carnegie had a monopoly on pretty much all of the country's steel, while Rockefeller had a monopoly on all the oil that was being sold. I am proud of American Society for inventing the Telegraph, and for investing in major resources like oil and steel, but I am ashamed that Rockefeller and Carnegie used ways that are now illegal to build their monopolies.


Pros and Cons of Immigration

Push and pull factors greatly influenced Immigrants to migrate to the United States. I am proud of the pull factors that America had at the time that interested many immigrants to start a new life in the U.S. I am ashamed of all of the push factors that caused immigrants to leave their home countries, but I am glad that they felt the United States was a good home for them. However, I am ashamed of nativism, which took place in America, once the immigrants has settled into their new lives.
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There were a variety of technological advancements that emerged in urban areas, including skyscrapers and elevators. I am proud of these important technological advancements because they were the basis for all other technological inventions. However, I am ashamed of tenements, which were run-down, disease-filled, and overcrowded buildings where poor immigrants lived. I am ashamed of tenements because we as a society could have treated the immigrants better as our cities developed more.
Urbanization Changing the Landscape


There were many good things that happened, which I am proud about, like the passing of the Meat Inspection Act and the Women's Suffrage Act. However, the political corruption that emerged was an awful thing and darkened the U.S' reputation in politics, and gave too much power to political bosses.
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America became an overseas empire by way of the Panama Canal and the Platt Amendment. These were both events that I am proud of because it strengthened our power and American businesses in foreign countries. However, the Platt Amendment is also a bad thing because we kept our businesses in Cuba against the will of the Cuban citizens. The Spanish American War also helped us gain more land and allies, but caused a lot of death and could have been avoided.

World War I

World War was one of the bloodiest wars mostly because of the new technology like tanks and machine guns, which were extremely helpful to whoever had them, but very deadly to whoever was going against them. Propaganda was also a big part of the war effort. It was good because it inspired many young men to join the war and fight for the country, but it was also bad because it had a bit of yellow journalism involved in it because not everything that was stated was true.
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