Disney World Resort Hospital

By Kieran

Our Hospital is the best in the business!

99.9% out 100% of the time, our treatments are successful. Our treatments include music therapy, animal therapy, BMT, radiation, chemotherapy, and massage therapy. We will also provide Disney World Theme Park tickets for the whole family! The patient may go, but we'll need to run a couple tests first. You will be in the hospital for about one month at maximum. If needed, we might have you stay longer. On the 6th floor, there is a water park for the patient and his/her family! If the patient is healthy enough, they can go to the water park. Our doctors will see if they can go our not.

Our top staff!

We have a hotel in the hospital for family members to stay!

Our hotel is on the floors 5, 6, & 7! On the desk next to the beds, you'll find 10 tickets to Disney World! If you need more, let us know. We'll give them to you for free!

We hope to see you soon!!

Please stop by if you ever need medical attention and fun all in one!