Prepare children for Kindergarten

Getting toddler brains ready for school and learning

The Role of the Brain in Learning - Neuroplasticity

The brain is the most amazing thing we posses as humans. Its ability to be shaped and reshaped and constantly developed is unbelievable. Neuroplasticity explains how experiences reorganize pathways in the brain and it can take place throughout ones lifetime.

Preparing for academics

Parents can prepare their children for academics by practicing, numbers, alphabet letters and writing with children. Songs to help with alphabet word sounds and applying them to real like objects. For example "A - ahh for apple". Also have children use letter tracing workbook to trace alphabet letters and hen gradually begin to write them on their own. Soon the child will be able to write his or her name and be prepared for kindergarten.

Preparing for emotional and social environments

Children learn the most through social interaction. It is important for children to interact with other children as well as adults to enhance their response to social environments. Also, when parents interact with children, it can be helpful to include the child in daily task or errands. When cooking, cleaning, doing laundry or grocery shopping include the child help with these task.

Preparing child with proper nutrition and health development

It is important that parents feed children food that are good for the brain. Brain smart foods include leafy green veggies, salmon, lean meats, and fresh fruits. Vitamin A which is found in sweet potatoes, and orange veggies is known to support learning and memory. It is crucial for toddlers to get used to a healthy diet to promote proper brain development and optimal functioning.

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