Local News Update

war is breaking out

do we have to be scared?

yesterday the austro-hungarians declared war on Serbia and subsequently invaded. as russia mobilised in support of serbia, germany invaded the neutral belgium and luxembourg before movind towards france, leading the united kingdom to declare war on germany. after the german march on paris was halted with a trench line.Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front, the Russian army was successful against the Austro-Hungarians, but was stopped in its invasion of East Prussia by the Germans. the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers, opening fronts in the Caucasus, Mesopotamia and the Sinai. Italy joined the Allies and Bulgaria joined the Central Powers in the same year, while Romania joined the Allies and the United States joined the Allies.

we need YOU


your child is in a war zone. he's been shot and there are no soldiers around.

how would you feel about that? at that moment you would wish there were soldiers around.

you could be that soldier. the soldier that is the last chance of savior for the people who really are going through this.

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a letter

Hello we are Yannick and Bjorn.

We’re writing this letter because of the World War at this moment and we’re very strong against wars. For which is it useful? That’s the question we asks ourselfs. All those worldleaders just wanna expand their country or their power on the world, so they can show how powerfull they really are. They want to and are able to killing thousand maybe even millions of people, only for their power. We are just innocent people living their life and we fear for our lives and are not able to live our normal life any more. It’s always that crappy bullshit that these peoples can’t have peace. So we have the conclusion that war is just a nonsense in this world.