Mrs. Studeny's September Newsletter

What we are doing in Room 34

Math Morning Work

Each morning when your child comes into class they are working on Morning Work. Monday-Thursday they have four boxes of Math questions to complete. This work is to get their brain working. Each day we check over the boxes for the day and the students are correcting as they go. This is not a graded assignment.

Studeny Rules

As the students are doing Math problems, I introduce "Studeny Rules" that I expect them to use anytime they see a problem like this. Here are some "Studeny Rules" they have learned so far:

  • Story Problems - Circle the important numbers, Underline the sentence that tell what operation to do, Write a horizontal number sentence with a label at the end
  • Number Patterns - Write the Rule for the pattern beside the pattern of numbers
  • Counting Money - Write the total amount on the coin as they are counting the money
  • Least to greatest/Greatest to least - Underline those words in the problem as a reminder
They should use and follow these rules when complete classwork AND homework.

Math Activities in Class

In Math Class each day the students do activities that are hands on and involve working with other people. These activities are a fun way for the students to learn and be active at the same time.

Mrs. Emily Studeny

Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns you have. I have enjoyed getting to know your child as school is getting started. I plan on having a successful school year!