The American Dream

By: Lorenzo Vasquez

My Definition of The American Dream

My definition of the American is when you are able to not have to worry about money issues. Being able to support for a family. Also being able to drive a luxury car. Having a big house with all the accessories you could ask for. Having a good job well paying job.
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I chose this site because I like this persons explanation of the American Dream. They basically explain how the American Dream is what you make it. They use a quote from a book called "The Epic of America" by James Truslow Adams. It has very good examples of what the American Dream is.


Some obstacles that you might encounter or some of the most practical but definitely some of the hardest to overcome. The race and religion barrier is probably one of the most common obstacles you might encounter while trying to achieve the American Dream. Another obstacle you might encounter is the social class and currency barrier. This barrier might be difficult because you will have to work your way up and get to where you want to be. One of the biggest obstacles you may encounter is education. This will be probably the hardest to overcome. This will be challenging because to get a good job you have to have a good education. This is where the money issue comes in. If you don't have enough money to pay for college or take out loans and are unable to pay them back it will be hard to make any kind of living.

My beliefs

I believe that you should make your life what you want it to be. One of the biggest quotes I like is from Tyler The Creator. " You do what you want to do. Don't care about what other people think or say about you. Do what you want to do because who's there at the end of the day? You." - Tyler The Creator Another quote I like is "Persistence wears down resistance." - Anonymous