Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge

Week 6: Social Wellness

It's the final week, y'all.

Whoa. Has it really been 5 weeks since we started this whole shindig? It feels just like yesterday we were setting up personal goals (btw, how are those going?) and wondering how we were ever going to get seven hours of sleep every night.

And now look at us. So grown up (holistically).

Alright, enough Wellness Challenge nostalgia. Time to get down to business. This is the last week for you to get points and push you and your team ahead. Here are some final tips for you as we venture into the final week:

- BONUS CHALLENGES, EVERYONE. They can make or break it for your team. Take a look at the link below and see if there's anything you can do during this final week.
- DANCE MARATHON. 50 POINTS. Let me tell you what that means: You could NOT have brushed your teeth for 50 days and STILL make up all those points. You could have NOT worked out for 10 days and make it all up at Dance Marathon. You could have decided NOT to wash your hands for 50 DAYS... and still make it up at DANCE MARATHON. What a sweet deal. More details below.
- GET YOUR TEAM GOIN! It's the last week y'all. You're going to want to finish strong. Let your team know that it's not over. That missing a scorecard doesn't mean it's over. That taking the elevator DOES NOT MEAN IT'S OVER. YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE.

Send them this.

Finish strong!!

If you ever have questions or need anything, don't hesitate to let us know. All of this information can always be found on our website!

For updates during the week, make sure to join and follow the Wellness Challenge event on Facebook! We will be posting pictures of some of the events where you can get points.

Have You Filled Out Your Week 5 Scorecard Yet?

Don't forget to turn it in soon so that you receive your points! You will receive 10 points if you turn it in by Sunday 11:59pm. Scorecard reminders will be sent out tomorrow.

Individual Points Leaders

Here are the folks leading the charge in the challenge:

  1. Rudy the Redhawk (313 pts)
  2. Russell Wilson (300 pts)
  3. Chris Pratt (265 pts)
  4. Captain America (232 pts)
  5. The Doctor (231 pts)

Uhhh.... did you really think we were going to spoil the ending?! If you want to see where your team is ranked and where YOU rank then you'll just have to wait till the Awards Lunch!

Mmhmm. Nothing like a battery for your battery to get you recharged for the final week.

Feed Your Brain

Each week we offer an opportunity to learn something new or think about a wellness topic in a different way. We'll include a link to an article or a video - and by simply reading or watching it you'll earn points - and heck, you might just learn something too.

Here's your final Feed Your Brain, friends. Brought to you by Soul Pancake.
How To Connect With Anyone

Bonus Challenges

Bonus challenges are challenges that you can tackle when you have time, ANYTIME DURING THE WELLNESS CHALLENGE! You will only score them on your final scorecard.

Remember the Wellness Challenge isn't about doing everything - it's about doing the things that matter most to you!

Week 6: Social Wellness Events

Buddy Personal Training

All Week | Various | Fitness Center | 7 Points

Have a friend or colleague with similar fitness goals and availability? UREC is now offering Buddy Personal Training! Make your sessions even more fun by signing up with a buddy who enjoys doing similar activities. Both you and your buddy will purchase the desired package in your own name and sign up with your favorite Trainer online. The first session will require each client to meet individually with the Trainer for 30 minutes to discuss specific goals; the Trainer will then create a program tailored to you and your buddy’s goals.

Wellness Challenge Assessment

All Week | Online | 7 Points

Your feedback is important to us! Take some time this week to complete the online survey about the challenge and tell us how things went as you sought balanced wellness and personal improvement. HERE >>>

Photo Op

All Week | Anywhere | 5 Points
Have you taken a photo of your entire Wellness Challenge team yet? If not, here’s your opportunity! Take a snapshot of your entire team, and upload it to your scorecard this week for extra points. Don’t forget to include your team name somewhere in the picture!

Grocery Bag Bingo

Tuesday, February 17 | 7:30-9pm | STCN 130 | 10 Points

Up your chef-game by joining HAWC for Grocery Bag Bingo and have the chance to win free groceries. Each player will go home with a free college cookbook to help make your very own healthy and easy meals.

No If, Ands, Or Butts

Tuesday, February 17th and Wednesday, February 18 | 12-2pm | STCN C-Street | 2 Points

Join the Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC) to explore how many cigarette butts are collected on campus and to learn more about tobacco. Stop by our table to chat with a peer health educator!

Spirit of Dance Meditation

Tuesday, February 17 | 7-8pm | Campion Ecumenical Chapel | 7 Points

In honor of Dance Marathon- we are hosting a meditation using dance and music. This is an intentional space for mediation, spiritual exploration, and reflection, and is offered for those who are seeking to deepen their reflection practices and community. All are welcome.

Men's Basketball vs. Kansas City

Wednesday, February 18 | 7-9pm | Key Arena | 20 Points

The Seattle U men’s basketball team hosts Missouri-Kansas City in a key conference game at Key Arena.

Smokey Brights

Wednesday, February 18 | 7-9pm | STCN Hearth | 5 Points

Local Seattle band, Smokey Brights, incorporates bits of pop, rock, and indie music into their songs. Come hear them tell stories through their music on February 18th at 7pm in the Hearth.

Catholic Heritage Lecture

Thursday, February 19 | 7-8:30pm | Pigott Auditorium | 10 Points

Pope Francis has offered a compelling model of church as “field hospital”, calling Catholics to engage those who suffer wherever they may be found, rather than remaining risk-averse or “self-referential”. This installment in Seattle University’s Catholic Heritage lecture series on “The Church Francis Invites Us to Build” will explore the Pope’s model of “church as field hospital” in light of the Catholic call to kinship with persons on the move, particularly those suffering from exploitation, violence, and family separation.

Walks with Athletics

Friday, February 20 | 12:05-12:55pm | SU Park | 5 Points

Join our Athletics staff for a weekly walk around SU Park during lunch time. This is a great opportunity to get to know our staff, and ask us any questions you have while staying active!

Dance Marathon

Saturday- Sunday, February 21-22 | 10am-2am | Campion Ballroom | 50 Points

Come support the dancers as they twist and shout their way to $75,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital! Participate in the silent auction or make a donation of any size (even that change you found in the couch) to earn extra Wellness Challenge points!

Wellness and Health Promotion

  • Contact Jazz about registration and general questions
  • Contact Kira about events and challenges
  • Contact Ryan about scorecards and points