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Anita Lisenko grew up in the Latvian countryside; Latvia, at the time, was a part of the Soviet Union so she grew up to communism. She moved to Russia and later immigrated to America. She is a great person. She is a mother, a role model, and my hero.

What is a hero?

What do you think of when you hear the word “hero”? Usually the first thing that comes to mind is a guy standing on the roof of a building, hair and cape moving in the breeze, with a flashy red speedo over a blue jumpsuit. Or if you are a realist it's a firefighter or that one guy who helps grannies cross the street. You aren't wrong. After all, even dictionary.com says “a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”. Sadly, we’ll never find one of those in our world. Therefore, a hero doesn't have to be noble or amazing, a hero is someone you can lean on and trust unconditionally. A hero is someone who is always there for you and who supports you in your time of need. A hero is someone willing to go out of their way to help you. People say that real heroes don't exist, well they are wrong; because they think a hero is a green guy who can lift cars. No! A hero is not a dude in pink power rangers suit who helps the city by fighting crime! No! A hero is not a genius inventor who lives in a cave! No! A hero is not a flashy guy with a mullet who swings a hammer around! A hero is someone who will stay by your side and help you when you have lost your way. You! Yes you, the one sulking in a corner thinking that you're useless. Stop that! Believe it or not you can become someone's hero! Don't run away I won't make you wear a pink onesie or a cape. Just go out there and do something for someone, because believe it or not, doing something good for others may lengthen your lifespan!

A hero is someone who you can lean on. A hero is a friend who will stand by you when you're in doubt. Imagine, finding out that you're adopted. You are questioning the world but your friend will never leave your side, they let you lean on their shoulder and they help you pick yourself off the ground. This is your hero, the one person you can go to.

A hero is a mother holding her child's hand during a doctor’s appointment. A child is getting his first shot. He is scared because what if it hurts? What if this and what if that. Scary thoughts fill this toddler’s head. Their mother is there reassuring the child that it will be okay. The mother Is letting her boy lean on her when he is scared, she is comforting him and making it a happy ending, she is being his hero. Being trusted by the child and being leaned on in times of doubt are signs that his mother is a hero.

As one can see, a hero is someone who you can lean on and trust to help you. A best friend, a parent, a teacher, a cousin, anyone who is there for you is a hero. Only some can be a noble man, which is the dictionary definition of hero. However, a hero isn't some guy with a mask and a cape; you can become someone's hero, be sure there for your friends and family. As fun as it is to run around in a Wonder Woman costume, you'll be useless, so become a real hero.

Untouchable hero essay

A hero is someone who will go out of their way to help you and stand by your side. Harriet Tubman was an ex slave who was a conductor on the Underground Railroad and a soldier. According to Sarah Richardson, Harriet wasn't just a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She also served in the military and led former slaves into battle. She was the only woman at the time to lead a fleet. Even though she had sudden blackouts, she went out of her way to help. Harriet Tubman was a hero because she was selfless and courageous.

Harriet Tubman was a true hero because she stood by the slaves and she went out of her way to help them. According to Lerone Bennett Jr., Harriet rescued over 300 saves and never lost a single one. The beginnings of her heroism were when she was a child who ignored her master’s order in favor of helping a slave (Lerone Bennett Jr.). Harriet never left a slave behind.She stood by them and freed them no matter the cost. Harriet Tubman ether had freedom or had death, and same for the slaves she helped. Regardless, she would risk everything to free slaves (Lerone Bennett Jr.). According to Lerone Bennett Jr., “Biographer Sarah Bradford said she was greater than Jeanne d'Arc, Grace Darling and Florence Nightingale, for "not one of these women, noble and grave as they were, [showed] more courage, and power of endurance, in facing danger and death than the woman known to posterity as Harriet Tubman, 'the Moses of her people.'"” Harriet Tubman was a true hero.

Though my mom doesn't rescue slaves, she is as heroic as Harriet Tubman. They both went/go out if their way to help other and the always stand by others. They are/were both courageous and selfless and would never leave a soul behind. My mom is always there for my siblings and I in times of need like Harriet was for 300 saves, she never lost a single one. They both go out of their way to help. Harriet could have escaped and lived a quiet life, but she became a hero and rescued slaves. My mom doesn't have to help me solve my problems or figure out my confusing homework, but she does anyways. My mom and Harriet Tubman are both heroes because they don't have to help but they do.

Harriet Tubman would tell me to go on no matter what and don't let anything stop you, and I will follow that advice. I will reach my goals and then I will be some a hero too. I will try to help people and I want to be there for my friends. I will become a hero just like the ones I wrote about.

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