How to Build a Shelter

How to build a effective shelter that will last for days

Where to Build the Shelter

When buliding the shelter you should try to avoid the rain or snow. A good way to do that is making your shelter under a lot of trees. Try to avoid making your shelter under only a few trees because you are isolating yourself and are more voldnerbale for an attack by dangerous animals. If you are hidden away in deep brush then you are less likely to be attacked. Another way to do it is tieing a bunch of pieces of tree back together and using it as a shield.
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Building the shelter

Building a shelter is very important if you want to survive in the wild. To build a shelter you will need to do a couple key things. You must gather as many strong pieces of wood as you can. They have to be strong enough to hold you. Then find some cover for the wood such as leaves, grass, animal skin, or pull bark off tree and use that. Then find a make shift string or pull string bark off tree and tie wood and bark together and keep area under wood for you to sleep and take cover.
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Staying Dry

In order to stay dry in the shelter you must make sure you have plenty of air in your shelter. The air is very important because it circulates and keeps your shelter dry. A good way keeping the air in is any small cracks in the shelter you must block them. You can block them by taking dirt and putting them in the cracks and gently putting water along the dirt and pact it down to turn it into mud. Mud is perfect because it is an insulator.

3 Most Important Things Needed for Shelter

1. Build your shelter strong: A strong shelter is very important if you want to survive. If your Shelter isn't strong and an unexpected storm hits at night you are in serious trouble.
2. Keep your shelter dry: A dry shelter is one of the most important things you can have. Without a dry shelter you have the greater risk of frostbite during the night.
3. Protecting your shelter from the wind: When wind hits your shelter, your shelter becomes more and more weak. When your shelter becomes weak one short storm could destroy your shelter.