Mrs. Spain's 7th Hour Psychology

A look inside the class and its' students.

What is it?

This class is all about the study of psychology. Psychology is a field of study that examines why people behave they way they do. This class is a semester long course and has been taught by Mrs. Spain since Spring 2013. Although there had been an Advanced Placement Psychology course offered in the past, their are no current plans to change the Psychology program at ESHS.
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What is exactly is studied in this course?

This course begins with an overview of the filed of psychology. This first standard examines the different approaches to psychology, the various career fields in psychology, and famous historical psychological experiments.

The course then takes a look at the brain. The next standard includes a look at the lobes of the brain and the chemical reactions in the brain that impact and influence our behavior. This standard also includes a look into the various form of consciousness, such as sleep, dreaming, hypnosis, mediation, and the impact of drugs on the brain.

The final course standard will be a look at abnormal psychology. This will begin with an overview of various psychological disorders. It continues with a study of various diagnostic and treatment methods. The class will also examine the history of mental illness and how those methods and views have changed and are still changing today. If time allows, the class will A Beautiful Mind, an Oscar winning film about a man named James Nash who suffers through schizophrenia.

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