Amazing Species By:Ben. C


Dogs are amazing because they can run fast or trot fast some dogs might come from Russia. Viszlas is what we are talking about you will find there history and their features and characteristics amazing.

History and a Fact

Viszlas have been around for a long time. Viszlas were the best hunting dogs to the native americans.They were discovered around the closing of world war two. Viszlas will chase a red light if they can find one. They have rusty gold fur [brown]. They are usually bred in Russia. Medicines sometimes contain Viszla blood they call it yellow blood. Viszlas can have up to seven puppies.


All in all Viszlas are amazing because they have lots of facts,body features and a amazing history. One day I hope to have viszla of my own.

Fun Facts

They usually sleep under there owners bed.

They have some similarities to horses.Like they

All info from my grandmother [she has three Viszlas] and Wikipedia.

Viszla girls Viszla boys

weight 40-45 weight 45-66

height 21-24 height 22-25